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Sikh yatrees

About 3,000 Sikh yatrees reached Pakistan from India through the Wahga border crossing on Sunday to attend the 553rd birthday of Baba Guru Nanak in Nankana Sahib. Thousands of Sikhs from the UK, USA, Canada and other countries also arrived in Pakistan to attend this sacred religious ritual. Pakistan is a custodian of some of the most sacred shrines and religious heritage sites of Sikh, Buddhist and Hindu religions and proudly offers a great opportunity for religious tourism to common tourists and religious devotees from across the world, especially India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan.

Today, religious tourism is an important factor in the global economy that generates a global flow of wealth through travel, boarding and logging of pilgrimage trips, visits to religious sites, participation in religious events and missionary tours in certain parts of the world. Presently, Makkah and Madina, Jerulesum, Vatican, Thailand, Tibet, Kirtarpur and Nankana Sahib and Varanasi are the most visited religious sites in the world. Religious tourism and religious diplomacy are the two important elements that provide common ground, build bridges and promote tolerance and harmony among different segments of society.

This universal bond removes walls of hate and strangeness and promotes inclusiveness and pluralism, generates economic activities and brings economic prosperity to the world. The broader Indo-subcontinent, Central Asia, the Middle East and far East Asian regions are closely tightened in multiple linkages of religion, culture and common civilization, while a treasure of heritages is spread over across the multiple nations which provide great opportunities to the governments to ease travel restrictions, strengthen bonds and facilitate tourism.

Cultural and religious events are useful facilitator in realizing the dream of a peaceful, well-connected and prosperous Asia. Indian Government of Narender Modi should also ease restrictions on intending Pakistani nationals to visit India to see the sacred religious places and their nears and dears. Pakistan has unlimited prospects for religious tourism in the country. However, there is an urgent need for the development of infrastructure, provision of essential facilities, foolproof security and a tourism-friendly environment in country, so tourists across the globe can visit Pakistan in a peaceful and secure environment.



Sudden attack

Almost a week ago, a gunman shot at Imran Khan, PTI Chairman, while he (IK) was addressing the participants of the long march in Wazirabad. Though an ordinary citizen lost his life in the firing, fortunately, Khan and his party members, though sustained minor injuries, were safe.

However, this attack has put a question mark on the minds of people that if the leaders are not safe, how can they expect to be secure? The attack makes the government aware of its security systems. Therefore, I also wholeheartedly request the government to ensure the best security system in Pakistan.



Pakistan an unstable state

It is not a surprising fact that Pakistan was born with a hole in it’s heart. The newly emerged country faced myriad of hurdles when appeared on world map. Sadly, it has been oscillating from miseries to adversities since it’s inception. Without any doubt, the country has witnessed worst socio-economic and political system of affairs. It lies far behind the contemporary affairs of world. Apparently, we are in the age of enlightenment but truly we are in deep gloom.

Generally speaking, the words of Dr Ishrat goes aptly in the mundane sphere of the country. He perfectly remarked that Pakistan is enriched in many natural resources but poor in management. The fortune of the resourceful country is in the hands of incompetent people. Woefully speaking, the officials have always shown immature attitude towards the basic necessities of nation such as education, health and drainage system.

Moreover, the rulers of the country are self concerned. They all work for themselves not for the nation. Resultantly, the poor masses of the country are marginalized and subjected to deprivation of their due rights. For the past three decades, no leader has found to raise the voice of poor or oppressed.

Awfully, Pakistan is the country which is darkest place for women to live. Unfortunately, women are subjected to violence. Woman, being the strong pillars of the country, are deprived of the basic necessities. They have to bear miserable tortures, such as early marriage, no education, physical and emotional violence.



Confusion over MRP

There is a lot of confusion over the maximum retail price of goods. MRP should be fixed based on ex-factory price, average transport charges, wholesaler’s margin and retailer’s margin and not arbitrarily.

The Department of Consumer Affairs should intervene in the matter and finalise the rules for fixing MRP.


Mumbai, India


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