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Climate action: Need of the hour

The current UN Climate Change Summit assumes great significance in the wake of recurring natural disasters like flooding, droughts and much more the world over. The East or the West, countries, world leaders and the media have been talking about climate change crisis and related ramifications. First off, it is clearly evident from recent flooding in countries like Pakistan and the US [Florida] that climate change has been playing havoc with countries and their agricultural activities.

Summits apart, how about action to be taken? Frankly speaking, the world needs strong action against the climate change issues. More than anything else, it is every single step that matters the most. For instance, there should be a positive shift in human attitude to Mother Nature. After all, climate change is something created by human activities on Mother Earth in a nutshell.

Added to this, humans have been strongly reliant on natural resources and they have been eating food made from agricultural produce. Just imagine, what would happen to the world and humanity if farming activities were completely halted by climate change? Of course, it is going to be Armageddon any time in the future.

That said, natural resources including agricultural activities have always been front and centre in matters of human survival on this beautiful planet. As a matter of fact, rigorous agricultural activities have long been thriving across my native areas like Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu. Well, such green activities have to be kept on the track worldwide.

Therefore, UN Climate Change Summit parleys should be more of strong action than anything else – through supporting farming in all forms and encouraging green activities like planting trees across every corner of the world so as to arrest the impact of climate change in the best way possible.


Maharashtra, India


in politics

Politics is a name of dialogue and diplomacy through which unsettled disputes can be resolved. It is considered an art of negotiations that can utilize its best ever tool for solving the issue. However, in Pakistan reality is very different to this. In Pakistani politics, the political leaders appear to be sowing the seeds of hatred, discord and division in politics. The culture of violence has become a common activity in today’s politics.

The politics of hate, deception and trickery is the norm of the day. Since its inception, the country has been witnessing a culture of violence in politics. The assassination of first prime minister Liaquat Ali Khan in 1951 and PPP Chairman Benazir Bhutto in 2007 clearly reflect the violence culture in Pakistani politics. Apart from that, the recent appalling assassination attempt of former Prime Minister Imran Khan in Wazirabad speaks crystal clear.

These incidents show that political leaders do not hesitate in killing their opponents for their political ideology. They are still busy in pursuing the “Policy of Bullet” rather than “policy of ballot” that can uplift the country into the path of socio-economic development. Therefore, politicians and even their supporters must refrain from stoking the flames of war and avoid “politics of confrontation”. They must unite on one platform and take political decisions with a ballot rather than a bullet. This will serve the country’s interest.



Complicating everything

The acerbity words against Pakistan’s nuclear weapons by the US President, Joe Biden can lead the relations to a rough road. He said that “Pakistan is one of the most dangerous nations” which had “nuclear weapons without any cohesion. The officials of Pakistan give him a blank refusal for these fire words. Indeed, it is a misunderstanding.

The Nuclear Weapons of Pakistan are as safe as the baby in the mother’s lap. Why are these types of words being said against Pakistan? Despite being a key ally of the USA in major world conflicts, why Pakistan is facing predicament challenges in the international arena. It is fair to say that, there is bigotry between the two major powers the USA and China, which Pakistan is bearing.

Pakistan has always been a key ally of the USA. Since back to the Soviet time, when Pakistan supported local mujahedeen against the Soviet Union, in Afghanistan at the behest of the USA. The USA wanted to counter communism at the time of the Cold War. Pakistan remained loyal to the USA throughout the war. Similarly, after 9/11 Pakistan stood on the frontline to curb the menace of “Al-Qaeda”. The death of Osama bin Laden is its glaring example. It is evident that how Pakistan has been a key ally of the USA in the “war on terror”.

Moreover, the bigotry between the two major powers has been a bone of contention for the world. The competition between the two can be seen in the shape of a trade war, currency war and Industrial war. What does the USA want? She wants more and more alignment in the Indo-Pacific region. “Sea power is a key to world power” Said Captain Mahan. To continue this vision she wants alignment in the Indo-Pacific region.

The USA welcomes every country to join its Indo-Pacific clan. Likewise, “QUAD” and “AUKUS”, security partnerships make sure that she wants to strengthen her presence in the region. Resultantly, China made the “PLAN” people liberation army navy to combat the USA in the region. Similarly, she started the land route for her strong trade across the globe, which is seen in the shape of BRI and CPEC.




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