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Quite revealing shocking and surprising

The joint press conference by DG ISPR and DG ISI , telecast live by TV channels on Thursday was quite revealing, shocking and surprising to say the least for this elderly committed patriotic Pakistani. It was an eye opener for political parties, their leaders and supporters.

It is high time for the political leadership of the country to pause, ponder and do soul searching, stop forthwith criticizing the national institutions particularly the defence forces of Pakistan in an uncalled-for, unwarranted manner without realizing the great damage they are causing to the national security, integrity and stability and intentionally or otherwise strengthening the evil hands of enemies of Pakistan.

One can duly appreciate the bitter fact that DG ISI was forced to come and address the press conference along with DG ISPR as the Pakistan Army and the Army Chief were being targeted of silly, stupid and shameful criticism by some politicians in furtherance of realizing their ulterior and devilish motives and designs.

Everyone who is living and breathing within the geographical territory of Pakistan is a Pakistani, the national institutions should be allowed to continue working within their framework and on top of everything else the defence forces personnel due to whose efforts and sacrifices we are breathing in a free and independent atmosphere. The youth are the future of this country and misleading, misguiding and poisoning their minds is a big crime as it amounts to hitting at the very roots of the motherland.

Those indulging in anti-state, anti-national institutions and their chiefs and anti-people should forthwith mend their ways, stop talking negatively and utter words only after due pondering and thinking forthwith lest their own leadership, workers and supporters turn against them for the love of Pakistan, please.



Internet Day

The most inventive and interactive innovation around the globe is the internet. The world’s international internet day is celebrated on the 29th of October every year.

The Internet connects the entire world. It is a reservoir of information. These days none of us can visualize our existence without the internet. In 2022, about 5.07 billion people around the globe, use the internet. On average, the time spent by Internet users worldwide is 403 minutes every day; that’s about 6.5 hours daily. Privileges and risks go side by side. Statistics report that there are 2200 cyber-attacks per day.

Educated users benefit from the internet; while some are making their life miserable. Internet addiction is bolstering day by day and is inflicting social distress. There’s plenty of stuff that can be put down on this topic but every invention has its gloomy side as well as a luminous side. So on this internet day let’s ponder over a question: what if we rouse up one day and the internet goes missing from the planet then how are we going to survive?




is a cabal

All religions are ways of life; the choice of adopting any way rests with choice-seekers; one point is super clear that in no religion divine or human concocted not a slightest mention is made of politics; practically politics is a way to fleece groups, national population by legalized malpractices and this anti-poor cobweb is against open logic: united people of a nation are divided into antagonistic groups, antagonistic tribes, clans etc., in the dubious name of democracy; democracy is a means of promoting interests of the powerful; in fact in its practical operation democracy is a conspiratorial cabal. Avoid it to save yourselves.



Extends routes for buses

The newly-launched People’s Bus Service is a great project for the people of Karachi. However, due to its limited routes, people in several areas are unable to make use of the facility, and have to travel in overloaded minibuses.

For instance, there is no route from Landhi and Korangi to Korangi Industrial Area, Qayumabad, Defence, Saddar, Tower, Liaquatabad, Nazimabad and other areas of Karachi.

If the Sindh government expands Route R10 from Seaview to Korangi residential area via Khayaban-i-Ittehad, it will help thousands of people living in Korangi to reach their workplaces in Defence, Clifton, Saddar and around Numaish Chowrangi.

Similarly, Route R3 may be extended from Nasir Jump to Korangi No. 6, which will help the people of Korangi in reaching Korangi Industrial Area, Gora Qabristan, Karsaz, Hassan Square, Liaquatabad and Nazimabad. These changes can benefit people living in Korangi and adjoining areas and save them from travelling in dilapidated buses.



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