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Biden or Trump better for Pak?

It was in 2020 that Pakistanis were anticipating after the victory of Joe Biden in the presidential election of the USA. The diplomats expected Pakistan-US relations to strengthen. The media was stunned by Trump’s setback and they unanimously congratulated Joe Biden for his forthcoming presidential bid. However, Joe Biden’s recent remarks have prompted Pakistanis to question whether there is any difference between current President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

The past US President adopted the legacy of rigidity against Pakistan, consistently blaming Pakistan for backing Afghanistan. His speeches from “Do More” and “Return Aid to the US” spur Pakistanis against his foreign policy against Pakistan, and as a result, when he departed, Pakistan was relieved and hopeful of maintaining cordial relations with the United States. However, the legacy of Trump’s successor, Joe Biden, made Pakistanis wonder if the former or the incumbent is better. The incumbent President had already worked in Obama’s Administration, and it was thought that his expertise would be reflected in his excellent foreign policy. Even though, Joe Biden’s Administration has been involved with Pakistan in a variety of initiatives ranging from peace to economic cooperation. Both have spoken about Afghanistan’s future. Yet, Pakistan’s domestic troubles, the “regime change plot,” and Joe Biden’s backing for India have already turned the bulk of the Pakistani public against America, and they are unwilling to follow the USA’s lead.

Recently, the US President’s remark about Pakistan’s security and administration startled Islamabad, as authorities are now regularly commenting on Joe Biden’s views. The harshness of Joe Biden’s statements distances Pakistan from the United States, and it appears that the United States is responding to Pakistan’s incumbent Prime Minister’s address in Egypt on India’s occupation of Kashmir. Certainly, there is no difference between Trump’s “Do More” speech and Biden’s present statement on Pakistan’s security.



Prejudice against transgender bill

The Transgender Protection Bill 2022 has been getting a massive criticism and aversion from the public. The bill was enacted and passed by the Parliament in 2018 in light of obligations under international law that allows trans people to choose their gender, to safeguard their basic fundamental rights and to provide legal recognition to them. The bill prohibits discrimination and harassment against them which they have been experiencing in every field.

It became a hot topic of debate once again as many people believe it is against the Islam and its teachings. The religious parties declared it Anti-Islam and claimed that the bill is actually promoting and giving legal protection to homosexuality in the country. However, the bill is being misunderstood. It actually provides protection to “Intersex People” known as Khawaja sira community as the 2018 act neither mention any kind of sex change nor did it allow to marry same sex person.

Transgender individuals belong to one of the most stigmatized groups in Pakistani society and that discrimination and rejection leads to anxiety and depression. They face everyday violence, harassment, death threats and fatal attacks. They have been subjected to physical abuse, emotional abuse, financial abuse, murder, rape and torture. Due to widespread stigma, mostly are begging, dancing and are engage in sex work. Now that transgender community finally getting something good, the religious parties making it controversial linking up with Islamic laws and curbing and trying to revoke it. Transgender rights are human rights. The discrimination on the basis of gender identity are still prevalent and a big challenge for Pakistan.



Transportation issue

Quetta city is an impressive background for reading where everyone desires to fascinate themselves with studying. But unluckily Students, in this municipality discern very difficult while go to schools, colleges, and academics, for there is a dearth of buses.

This is creating much propaganda for the learners; every pupil in this era has to wait an hour for getting a bus. Because of this, many health issues are being faced by students. In addition, this has become a hindrance for students. Additionally; after travelling on these buses scholars become very exhausted. Sometimes, they face headaches and many other problems reality to their health. As things go, they will be incompetent in giving attention to their courses.

There is an extensive population of investigators in Quetta. The virtue of its many pupils do not get sets and they have to stand on the bus as well now and again due to the lack of transportation, they have to be on the floor of the bus. More and a million students do not reach their lessons on the time so I am a learner from Quetta and the most sympathetic of the Baloch nation soliciting the government to relieve us in this regard.



Weak economy

Pakistan’s economy is considered one of the weak economies while our neighbouring country India’s economy is growing at a rapid pace and soon will be one of the strongest economies across the globe. Recently, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) said in a report that Pakistan’s economy is set to slow by 3.5pc in fiscal 2023 amid major efforts to deal with devastating floods, policy tightening and large fiscal and external imbalances predicted.

Similarly, some renowned economists have expressed apprehensions about our economy, consequently, the concerned authorities and government should pay attention to stabilize the economy.




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