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Essence of education

Recently in Murshidabad district of West Bengal, a commercial painter named Kajal Sheikh noticed a blood donation camp on his way to the bride’s home for his own marriage. After taking the permission of the family of the bride and assuring them of his quick return, Sheikh travelled 6 km to the campsite, donated blood while sporting his marriage attire and thereafter returned to complete his wedding rituals!

What is the academic degree of Sheikh! A “mere” Class VIII dropout! Yet who is more educated than highly socially responsible Kajal Sheikh who was much concerned for the crisis in blood supply during festive season! Yes, there lies absolutely no relationship between academic certificate/degree with education. Only a humanitarian can be called educated, nobody else.

Mere academic degree i.e. career-based education hardly serves moral fabric of society or enlightens one’s mindset and viewpoint because it can often be earned by merely memorizing answers of the questions as suggested by the professor or tutor and “inspires” the students to become successful professionals so as to make loads of money by hook or by crook.

The crimes and sins of innumerable “educated” folks bear proof enough that mere attainment of a university degree is neither the path of enlightenment nor the be-all and end-all of life. Yes, only that person/society is truly educated who/which value human rights, remain humble and courteous, know the difference between right and wrong with scientific temper and also practically practice it in daily life.


Kolkata, India

Breast cancer awareness

Although breast cancer is curable if caught in the early stages, timely screening eludes a large number of the 100,000 women who are diagnosed with breast cancer every year in the country. Reasons for late diagnoses: 1, no easy access to clinics and hospitals. 2, poor quality of services available at smaller healthcare setups, and limited financial resources are also responsible for the deaths that occur in wake of late diagnoses. There is another Factor: even if many can afford treatment and have easy access to a hospital or diagnostic facility, a conservative milieu prevents women from sharing their condition with their family members.

Hence it is no surprise then that more than 40,000 women die of breast cancer, every year in the country because the disease is not caught early enough. Last year Supreme Court gave orders for mammography facilities in every federally and provincial hospital run by the government.

And said to involve women doctors. Such measures can only be effective if there is awareness of self-examination among women. The month of October is globally designed as a breast cancer awareness month. So that the lives of thousands of women can be saved.



Dowry is a social evil

I would like to voice my views on the evils of the dowry system of our society. The system has eaten into the sanctity of the institution of marriage. It is the most cruel curse in our social life. The parents of the groom are always in the bargaining position. They demand handsome cash and costly kinds from the parents of bride who are thus put under great financial pressure.

The father of the girl is sometimes compelled to sell land or other properties to settle the marriage. The in-laws of the girl want costly articles to be brought by the bride with her and in default she is teased or tortured.

The cases of bride burning are regularly reported in the newspaper. The grooms in most cases are silent spectators or parties to this cruelty. This is why a daughter is looked down upon as an unwelcome child in the family.



The plight of persecuted Muslims

I would like to draw the attention of world human rights organizations regarding the oppressed people of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK). The people of Kashmir are living the most miserable life. They have been suppressed and oppressed by the Indian militants. They are in a complete distress. Females have been widowed. Children have been kidnapped. Daughters have been raped and murdered brutally. But they have courage that still they are facing and tolerating them. Their cries have been heard, but no crucial steps have been taken by anyone. Unfortunately, this issue has not been given due attention internationally.

Where are the so-called champions of the human rights and democracy? Why are they silent on this cruelty? Why are they not taking severe steps against Indian militants? It is simple because it is not their personal interest. We have the faith in the Almighty. We will struggle and fight for the rights of the people of Kashmir till the last breathe of our life. They are the part of our souls.

They are the part of our life. They are the part of Two-Nation Theory. We will raise our voice for our brothers and sisters who are under the tyranny of these militants. We will never let them alone. We are with them in every thick and thin. The day is not far when the people of Kashmir will be free from the yoke of Indian Army. I urge the international organizations and the Muslim countries to do something for the people of Kashmir.




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