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Smog — warning bell

With winter around the corner, the residents of Lahore and other areas of Punjab will be understandably worried about their health in the months to come. This year’s smog numbers already paint a grim picture for the rest of the season. Last Saturday’s numbers brought the provincial capital back to the top of the list of the world’s most polluted cities. It has now been five years since the issue of smog was first recognised by the government much later than it should have been and so far progress on countering it has been minimal.

Just two weeks ago, the Lahore High Court passed an order to ban stubble burning, but as always enforcement of the rules will remain a stumbling block to clamping down on activities that add to the smog problem. There is some small modicum of hope. The Chief Minister of Punjab has ordered action on vehicle fitness and other sources of pollution. The Punjab Environment Protection Department (EPD) is also looking into using technology to counter smog. It is hoped that the first tests are successful and that the process is made feasible to be replicated elsewhere.

Nevertheless, even with this work being attempted, it is clear that five years in, the government is still lagging far behind in countering the problem. This season at the very least, citizens will continue to bear the brunt of the risks associated with smog. The relevant departments must have a long-term plan; if the smog is being countered, citizens deserve to know how much time the government still needs to make Lahore and surrounding regions more liveable for large population in this area.



Street crimes in Karachi

This is what is actually happening nowadays in cities like Karachi. The citizens are not able to use their phones outside their homes. People are totally scared of being looted, robbed and they are afraid of losing their possessions. Over the last few weeks, street crimes in Karachi have increased considerably. No one in the city is safe on the roads and even within the confines of their houses. The government seems to be indifferent and has left the residents to fend for themselves.

Senior officers of the police and law-enforcement agencies should be held accountable for such unsatisfactory performance and utter neglect of duty. Don’t know how the government will solve this problem of the people but the only thing I seek out from the government is to clean Karachi and our country from thieves and looters so that the people can lead a prosperous, peaceful, and comfortable life.


Karachi, Sindh

Overpopulation, inflation, unemployment

As we’ve seen through the years, our country is rigidly going backwards day-by-day, the rate of almost every grocery has been increasing and it has absolutely became a rare thing to have the prices decreased now because of the current loans that have been taken by government. Thereupon, it has been noted that the population of our country has exceeded with great numbers, not ignoring that the literacy rate has also become an issue, people are going backwards each day instead of seeking ability of becoming responsible and attentive in their life.

The unemployment is considered an enormous issue by that sight, the poverty is increasing because every person wants a job to make their households work well. That also causes the people who are talented, hard-working and overwhelming in their fields to have been ignored.

The government is also facing serious issues these days, especially the situation of floods have caused a lot of damage in Pakistan which has leaded our government in such an instability to not being able to provide enough supplements and job facilities for the people.



Mental health

I feel disappointed that Zimbabwe is not in the list of mental health day celebrations. People with mental issues like bipolar disorder in Zimbabwe are living life without enough treatment because there are no drugs, machines and equipment in hospitals and clinics.

People with mental health problems some need counselling like eating disorders, stress and depression. There are good examples of mental health issues.

People with depression lining with metal problems some will end up committing suicide because they will regard themselves as useless people when they are not getting enough attention. It is affecting people with relatives who have these problems because people with bipolar disorder are aggressive. They will end up injuring people who are near them or harming themselves.

This is caused by the ZANU PF government, which is failing to protect their citizens. The world should be involved in Zimbabwean matters because its citizens have suffered enough.




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