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Role of social media

Social media has played a pivotal role in the world. It has made the world a global village. There is no denying that it has a number of merits and demerits as well. The first and foremost merit is that it is a source of knowledge and information. Every important news spreads in the world like a wildfire. Different people share their perspectives concerning different things. Secondly, it has made the communication easier. There was a time when people used to send letters to their dear and near ones which used to take weeks and in some cases even months to reach their destinations.

But now people can communicate with each other in no time. Social media promotes culture of every nation. It is also considered a source of entertainment. Before the emergence of social media, life was slow, dull and bored. Now social media has made the human life easier and enjoyable.

As every coin has two sides; similarly it has advantages and disadvantages as well. But it depends upon people’s thinking. As it is famously quoted that “ There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” One of the demerits of social media is that most of the people use social media websites excessively.

Secondly, people spread rumours and hatred through their hate speeches. Now social media is largely considered a threat to democracy. According to an international report, about 2100 Twitter accounts are involved in a social media propaganda campaign against Pakistan/ Army. No doubt that social media has played a remarkable role in the world, but it has also some severe demerits which need to be discussed and addressed so that people may not face any hazard.



Cyber security in Pakistan

Cyber Security is the system of protection of digital network and information technology from unauthorized access and digital attacks. The 21st century is the era of technological revolution and the internet has made the world a global web, so it has also changed likewise the nature of war. Certainly all the states, particularly developing and underdeveloped countries, are in constant hybrid war.

Pakistan is at 7th number among the states which are facing the highest cyber security risk. The citizens lack digital literacy and digital communication skills. That’s why the numbers of cyber crimes are increasing, which mainly includes cyber bullying, cyber harassment, unethical hacking and social media blackmailing.

Likewise, many online software programs have a direct approach to consumer’s data. Similarly, the private, government and military institutions also keep the citizens’ records on database using computers that the hackers can easily access.

Unfortunately, the security and protection has not been made possible by such institutions in Pakistan and can be conveniently hacked.

According to the reports, the government of Pakistan’s data has been hacked several times, including the finance office’s letters and important political leader’s social media accounts and the very recent cipher cracks from PMO. It was further reported that they could buy the all data from dark web. All these cracks show that the cyber security of Pakistan is at stake. The government has not yet paid the significant importance to the issue.

Crucial steps need to be taken to ensure the security of national and civilians’ data in Pakistan. It must also ensure digital literacy and awareness among citizens through the public-private partnership.

It’s likewise clear that the national security policy needs to be reviewed by the experts to reduce the risk of cyber crimes in government and military institutions for national security.


Taxila, Rawalpindi

Above all is human being

NO kudos is enough for Mohammad Manik of Malbazar, West Bengal for responding to his call of conscience and jumping in the fuming waters, saving at least 9 precious lives (including 3 children) by endangering his very own during the Durga puja immersion with the flash flood hitting the Mal river!

Since Manik resides above all man-made barriers of religion, it would be unfair to view this noble human being only through his Islamic credential; still this matter needs to be necessarily invoked so as to thwart the evil designs of the merchants of hatred anywhere in the world who are always working all-out to inject vitriol of communal hatred in the society to serve various petty interests.

Yes, Mohammad Manik (despite remaining true to Islam) not only appreciates the beauty of Durga puja immersion; but also possesses a magnanimous courageous heart to dive into the turmoil Mal to save Hindu devotees by battling more than two hours !

Will the world learn a thing or two about religious bonhomie, communal brotherhood and the spirit of ‘Sobar Upore Manush Sotto, Tahar Upore Nai’ (‘Above all is human being, none else’— as said by 15th century Bengali poet Chandidas) from this humanitarian story of brave valiant Mohammad Manik!


Kolkata India

Exports in Pakistan

Export is a billion dollar industry but due to the lack of support of concerned authorities, the industry is deprived of growth. Online gaming is a billion-dollar industry and Pakistan has 20% annual growth in it. If we recognize the talent and choose them for international tours we can lift the online gaming industry in Pakistan.

There are only a few organizations that are working to grow exports in Pakistan. It’s quite early to predict the scope of exports in Pakistan because recently PUBG was banned in Pakistan which put the gamers in a state of distress.

Secondly, Pakistani households don’t take this profession seriously. We need to educate people about the golden opportunities and revenue of this niche. The universities also don’t train students to increase their gamification skills which has created a huge skill gap between the local and global players. And last, our government needs to support more especially to upgrade the internet services in Pakistan.


Sukkur Rohri





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