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Drugs hoarding and black marketing

The Standing Committee on National Health Services (NHS), Regulations and Coordination (NHSR&C) has directed the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) to ensure an ample supply of Paracetamol and snake anti-venom throughout the country, especially in the flood-hit areas. The panel further directed for penal action against all those involved in hoarding, black-marketing and slow production of the direly needed Paracetamol and other medicine.

In the aftermath of gushing floods and mass displacement of a significant chunk of the population in Balochistan, Sindh and some parts of Punjab and KP, infectious diseases including dengue fever, malaria and other abdominal ailments broke out in flood-hit areas while COVID-19 cases also surged in major cities. As a looming health emergency situation emerged in the country, the essential medicines including paracetamol, pain killers and other emergency drugs became vanished from the market in most parts of the country.

The drug stores became empty of these highly essential life-saving medicines while these drugs are available on the black market at several times higher prices. In fact, it does not happen for the first time in the country, as our drug retailers and pharmaceutical companies had repeated this practice several times in the past.

The drug mafia withdrew the direly needed face masks, paracetamol and aspirin tablets from the market during the COVID-19 pandemic while they earned millions of rupees from sales through the black market.

The drug mafia displayed similar behaviour during the dengue infections in the past, while the concerned authorities failed to pre-empt this situation and did not penalize the culprits. Due to ineffective control of health officials, such events are happening recurrently and each time the public pays the price for this profiteering by drug retailers. In fact, the government must award extreme punishment to the culprits who play with people’s lives and also take stern action against the health officials who didn’t fulfil their responsibilities so such events did not happen again.



Cyber warfare threats

In the modern era, war has been revolutionized due to rapid advancements in technology. As a result, cyber security along with its pros and cons is contributing increasingly to modern warfare. It is a bitter truth but it must be said, no government in Pakistan focused on the improvement of cyber security.

Consequently, we paid premium costs for it in the past rather than still paying. Recent audio notes of the Prime Minister which were allegedly stolen and being sold on the dark web are clear evidence of this. Sensitive information of prominent personalities has been compromised in the past as well and ultimately putting national security concerns at stake. In fact, there are several incidents from the past that can be cited in this approach. Hacking of sensitive data of FBR and NADRA in 2021 are two prominent instances of such cases.

According to leading global cyber security firms such as Symantec, Pakistan is among the ten most vulnerable countries in the world. Furthermore, the rate of cybercrimes exacerbated up to 83% in the country within the last three years as data computed by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). Needless to say, these are alarming figures that, if not controlled, will be out of control. This is clear evidence that Pakistan is swiftly becoming a great victim of cyber warfare.

Government should focus on indigenously developing its cyber security industry so that in the near future it could secure both its civilian and military infrastructure in the long run. Moreover, Pakistan may be limited in its ability to wage a strong offensive campaign within the realm of cyber warfare at the moment; such steps would go a long way in helping to lay the foundations to build something greater.



Don’t wait

for govt jobs

Some people know from an early age they were meant to own their own business. Others find themselves starting a business due to life changes. Others may be employed, but are wondering whether role of business owner is right for them. There are a number of benefits to start a business, but there are also risks that should be evaluated. When you start a business and are self-employed, you are your own boss and ultimately control your own destiny.

Whether you view starting a business as an economic necessity or a way to make some additional income, you might find it generate a new source of income. Business is advantageous than any other jobs because you can take decision of the gain and loss and you don’t have any boss to answer. So the solely, the business belongs to you and with a good business model you can earn quite a good amount of money which you can’t doing any government jobs.



Transgender bill

The newly passed transgender bill is quite controversial. The bill is designed in such a way that it gives legal immunity to the homosexuals, as anyone can change their birth assigned gender. The bill says gender can be altered as to what a person perceives of himself in the society. If a person wants to become male or female regardless if what they were born as, the state departments are bound to change the gender without any medical examination. This has become a matter of grave concern for the public.

I fear that people will exploit this law for same sex marriages and will change their genders to get jobs reserved for women. Moreover, this bill is unjust to the transgender community, as it will create legal hurdles for them in the future. Our family system is already suffering due to the western culture and influence and such an immoral bill could prove to be the last nail in the coffin.

It will lead our society towards vulgarity and generalize homosexuality. Pakistan is an Islamic country and we take our guidance from the Quran and Shariah. The transgender bill goes against our Islamic values and should be abolished immediately.




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