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National interest at stake

Undoubtedly, one-third of the country is under havoc for more than 30 days; Nonetheless, political temperature is soaring incessantly without considering the national interest of the state which is ultimately at stake. Currently, Pakistan is grappling with political instability in addition to economic crisis, where all the political rivals are blaming each other in their respective aspects.

To put it in another way, economic instability is adding fuel to the fire as the dollar is being getting worthy for the last seven days retaining itself at 240 on September 24. This swift rise in the dollar would ultimately prove the origin of inflation. Furthermore, the predicted flood has already caused a deficit of 30 billion US dollars which would be hard to compensate.

As far as it is concerned with the efforts to fix the loss, Shehbaz’s government is seeking global aid by making foreign tours and hosting international conferences. In a recent visit to the US, the General Secretary of the United Nations has assured Mr.Sharif of a donor conference in New York. While the PTI leadership is consistently asking for a general election in the country despite being entangled in severe charges of foreign funding and contempt of the court.

Moreover, Mr Khan has not seen satisfied with the upcoming appointment of the honourable Chief of Army Staff. To summarise, in the current situation, the national interest of the country is gravely seeking political harmony along with economic stability. Political stakeholders should be under a single umbrella to make Pakistan survive the wrecked havoc.



Flood-born diseases

More than 33 million people have been affected by floods that have engulfed a third of Pakistan. Millions need immediate assistance. There has been an outbreak of several diseases such as diarrhoea, dengue, malaria apart from covid-19 which has already played havoc. Sindh is worst affected as waters there will not dry for another three to four months, thus hampering rehabilitation work and the restoration of health facilities.

The province faces a “health emergency” with the floods limiting access to a vulnerable population and worsening an already ailing health system. The WHO has warned that the diseases, mentioned above, are likely to affect those staying in camps and places where water and sanitation facilities have been damaged.

The risk of spreading diseases will continue as long as people remain displaced.When people return to their homes they are likely to encounter deteriorated conditions, including contaminated water sources. It is important that the water sources at household and institutional levels are restored and decontaminated on an urgent basis.



Precious parents

Even before we were born, our mother took care of us in her womb. She had sleepless nights, had to nourish her body and endured a painful labour, all for you Ibn ‘Umar (RA) saw a Yemeni man circumambulating the Ka’bah, carrying his mother on his back, saying: I am her humble camel; if other mounts spook easily, I do not. Then he said: O Ibn ‘Umar, do you think I have paid her back? He said: No, not even one contraction. Narrated by al-Bukhaari

A sad and shameful phenomenon sweeping all over Pakistan, is children putting their elders into care homes. People no longer have the time or empathy to care for their parents. As migration for work, to different cities and countries increases, many parents are left abandoned. Although, residing in a care home is the only option for some, it is not the best.

Many are left feeling uncomfortable living with strangers and long to be with their loved ones. Many feel the pangs of loneliness in these facilities and isolation is linked to a number of health problems and increases the chance of an early death.

In the future, this could be your reality. Your children who you cared for day and night, leave you alone. Imagine how heartbroken you would be. The Almighty has repeatedly mentioned the importance of being good to our parents in the Quran.

“And your Lord has decreed that you worship none but Him. And that you be dutiful to your parents. If one of them or both of them attain old age in your life, say not to them a word of disrespect, nor shout at them but address them in terms of honour. Surah al Israa, Ayah 23 the pleasure of the parents, earns the pleasure of Allah Almighty.


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A massive world record

The T20 match between England and Pakistan on Thursday was very interesting. It was a world record unbeaten 203-run partnership of Babar Azam and Muhammad Rizwan. Pakistan won the toss and chose to bowl first. England started the match perfectly. England scored 199 runs by losing five wickets. It was very tough for Pakistan to score 200 runs in 20 overs.

Likewise, a couple of boundaries from Rizwan in the first over motivated them toward victory. A brief spell following the power play saw the asking rate creep up but when Moheen put himself in the 13th over, the tide turned decisively. Babar scored 110 runs in 62 balls and Rizwan 88 in 52 balls. They also did this against South Africa in 2021 with 197 run partnership. The credit of this victory goes to Babar and Rizwan.




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