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Smoke & noise pollution

The Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) fined over 3767 vehicles in the last three months. The action taken against those who are contributing to climate change and causing health risks for the public. This is a decent on ground policy to implement but for real change to come about, the national environmental policy has to be amended and restructured to include vehicle emissions. Action also be taken against those using pressure horns which are also creating noise pollution.

The automobile industry should be relatively easy to regulate when it comes to limiting the sale of smoke-emitting vehicles. The challenge lies in addressing the second-hand car market and vehicles that are already on the road. 3767 vehicles were fined for being smoke-emitting and using pressure horns that cause immediate distress in their surroundings. Plus, additional zones have been set up in which the police have vowed to take punitive measures against those who are contributing to the climate crisis.

This is a good initiative to impose excessive fine, it will also discourage a significant chunk of the population. However, to get polluting cars off the streets, there needs to be a holistic and comprehensive strategy that is implemented on a national or provincial level. Regularizing vehicular movement requires the use of fitness certificates and records about emission rates that govt must view and analyse. After this, it can devise policies that aim to encourage the replacement of polluting cars with hybrid or electric cars so that environmental impact can be restricted.



Indo-Pak tale

The story of 6 Sept 1965 may never be forgotten by our generations nor should it be forgotten as this day reminds us of sacrifices of our martyrs and assures us of the immense love and passion of every Pakistani for the state.

Every year, 6th September is observed as Defence Day to remember that our defence is invincible and sacrifices are unforgettable. But this picture needs a little critical review so that we can correct our mistakes by being aware of the facts.

Unfortunately, Pakistan’s security and defence policy is India-centric. Moreover, the 1965 War was also a retaliatory and surprise attack on Pakistan that resulted in Operation Gibraltar against India in Kashmir and this war caused heavy losses to both countries. After 75 years of its independence, Pakistan is still standing there with least development and lot of losses i.e. East Pakistan.

Even today we compare ourselves with India, when we have done nothing but fought four wars while other states like Bangladesh, China, South Korea have successfully progressed.

I guess both states are at a disadvantage in terms of their relationship with each other. Similarly, 75 years have passed and many more to pass until both the states make changes in their foreign policy. Certainly, both states determine their foreign policy based on other but Indian foreign policy is much more diplomatic and prudent.

On the other hand, Pakistan has always made unforgettable mistakes while formulating its foreign policy whether it is related to America, Russia or other great powers. Domestic issues and leadership’s personal agenda, changing form of governments from democracy to dictatorship etc played a major role in foreign relations and Pakistan’s image at the global level.

In order to protect the sovereignty and national interests of Pakistan, there is a need to provide decision-making opportunities to reliable and competent people who can play an effective role in the development of the country apart from corruption and make the rule of law possible.



QAU needs doctors

Quid-e-Azum University is considered one of the most prominent universities and has recently secured the highest rank among all the universities of Pakistan but with woefully I have to mention that there is no proper healthcare centre there. Though a small medical centre exists there yet no qualified doctor(s) are available even to treat a cough and headache.

Therefore, it is my humble request to the VC and other faculty members to take some serious steps for the redressal of this issue so that the students and other people associated the university receive proper treatment.




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