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Hiking trail 5 needs attention

Hiking trail 5 Islamabad is on the second list of top routes in Islamabad due to its diversity. Trail 5 is not stiff compared to others, but it is a long hike and hikers find it more adventurous. Some enthusiastic souls tend to walk all the “Trail 3”, “Trail 4” and “Trail 5” routes, because these three are side by side. Also, “Trail 5” and “Trail 3” are parallel to each other. Also, the Trail 5 direction is opposite the F5 sector and ends at Pir Sohawa. As mentioned above, Route 5 is parallel to Route 3, so you can start from there.
The tracks start at an altitude of 620 m and reach 1129 m and a distance of 5.08 km with a rise of 534 m. In the initial miles, the path is quite smooth and then you will find a stream of fresh water along with a beautiful seat. The hikes end at a wonderful spot on the hill called Pir Sohawa. You can witness the whole of Islamabad.
But the saddest part is there are no dustbins in the trail. Although there are boards on the trees to “Save Nature” but how can we save nature if there is nothing where we can dump garbage. Unfortunately due to lack of dustbins people throw garbage into the trail and water streams flowing there.
Authorities should place dustbins in the trail if they really want to save the nature and visitors also have to avoid themselves from throwing garbage into the trail instead they can carry a bag with themselves and put garbage into that. It’s our responsibility as the citizens of Pakistan to keep it clean.
Nimra Shakeel

Ragging destroy self respect

In recent times, ragging has become a trend in many universities in Pakistan. It is one of those activities that are badly affecting our youth. Senior students conduct foolish activities that demoralises junior students. Ragging is getting more and more widespread as not many people are aware of the mental trauma that it can cause. Teachers too are not making any efforts to curb this practice. It is duty of a teacher to be aware of such harmful activities and help students that are in need.
In many developed countries, ragging is considered a crime. There must be strict punishment for those who are involved in such activities. Ragging not only affects a person mentally but sometimes it can lead to physical harm as well. Last year, I myself was a victim of this. Senior students were making fun of their juniors and asking us to do things we could not do. Then all of sudden one of the girls fell unconscious because of this. It is a shameful act that is damaging our upcoming youth instead of encouraging them.
It is seniors’ duty to respect juniors like their own siblings. Would you do the same to your sister or brother? I urge authorities concerned and schools across the country to discourage ragging culture from spreading. There is an urgent need to pay attention to ridding our educational institutions of this menace. We need to frame and implement rules and laws that curb this immoral and unlawful practice.

Ban TikTok

A short video-making app ‘TikTok’ has got tremendous popularity with 500 million users worldwide. Tiktok was set up by a Chinese company ‘ByteDance’ in September 2016. TikTok is an iOS and Android media application for making short recordings of three to 15 seconds and short circling recordings of three to 30 seconds. This application was made for amusement etc. But now individuals have misused it. In Pakistan, TikTok is being utilised insatiably by youngsters and youth who spend majority of their valuable energy and time for negative purposes. Moreover, for getting preferences and supporters they impart malapropos substance to individuals. This application is antagonistically influencing our youngsters, presenting them to sexual stalkers, obscene and unpleasant substance and digital harassing. Numerous TikTok clients get recordings and photos of somebody’s families and name it with sexual transmitting tunes and exchanges in their recordings without their assent and make it viral on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Irresponsible doctors

People in Sindh are continuously facing difficulties. On Dec 28, 2019 three children in civil hospital passed away due to careless shown by doctors. According to parents of one child, they kept waiting for doctors but none was available on his duty in civil hospital Dadu.
According to “ABB TAKK” News three children lost their lives because of these irresponsible doctors. If a main town in a province is facing such situation what will be the conditions in villages. If government has established hospitals it must also look after proper functioning of these hospitals.
Via email

High price electricity

NEPRA raised electricity traffic by Rs1.56 per unit. It will be Rs14.5 billion extra burdens on consumers and clearance was given for October’s fuel price adjustment. This year saw colossal increment in electricity prices. Moreover it may rise again in the beginning of 2020. People from all walks of life are so much frustrated from these bills. They can’t even think about air-conditioning in terrible hot summers. So what should they do whose salaries are 20 to 25 thousands per month?
People can’t even afford 3 times meal but they have to pay these bills otherwise electricity will be disconnected and in that difficult situation they be compelled to steal electricity. In addition PEMRA ought to keep it on record that its directives under previous tariff adjustments had not been complied by government or by power companies. People urge PM Imran Khan to take notice of this situation and decrease price of electricity.
Akhlaque Ahmed Jakhro
Larkana, Sindh

Rash driving

Through columns of this newspaper, I would like to make aware people about consequences of rash driving as there are numerous accidents happening everyday due to which many people die or face severe injuries. Rash driving has become a norm in our society. Owning a car is a sign of prestige for the drivers and driving like you don’t care about anyone or anything has become a usual practice. One possible mistake could lead to a fatal end. Over speeding, overtaking, traffic route violations, traffic signal violations, using phone while driving, not fastening seatbelt are some of the major cause of accidents.
Hundred of people die due to accidents. This harsh reality should be addressed on every forum, as it is a necessary issue to be discussed openly. Heavy fine should be imposed by traffic authorities to control such kind of behaviour on daily basis. And i would request each and every one going through this letter please drive carefully and avoid rash driving as it is said “Better Late Than Never”.

Gas load shedding

Winter has brought many problems including load shedding of gas. It’s very unfortunate that citizens are compelled to visit nearby hotels or to arrange wooden fire in 21st century for routine food cooking owing to unavailability and low gas pressure. Homes in several localities in Karachi as well as in other parts of country are faced with the issue of low pressure particularly at the time of cooking. The pressure of gas is very low notably at breakfast time, lunch and dinner. Resultantly, little school going children, working class and especially old people suffer a lot when they do not get their food on time.
Government is requested not to add more to peoples’ problems in already agonised lives. Authorities of Sui Southern Gas Company should look into this issue and take steps to restore uninterrupted gas supply in affected area.
Via email

Bipin Rawat under fire

Indian opposition leaders and intellectuals have condemned Indian Army Chief Gen Bipin Rawat, due to retire December 31, for getting involved in political issues by condemning students protesting against Citizenship Amendment Act. Congress spokesperson Brijesh Kalappa lashed out at general stating “Army chief Bipin Rawat speaking against CAA protests is wholly against constitutional democracy”, and has violated oath he has taken to uphold constitution and has no business to indulge in politics of the country.
There has been a backlash against Gen Bipin for exceeding limits set on his role by the constitution, which places a bar on army officers getting involved in politics. Congress leader Digvijaya Singh stated “if Army Chief is allowed to speak on political issues today, it also permits him to attempt an Army takeover tomorrow”. Asadaullah Owaisi, MP from Hyderabad, who heads India Majlis-Ittehadul Musilmeen reminded Army Chief about limits of his office stating “It is about understanding the idea of civilian supremacy and preserving the integrity of the institution that you head”. Communist Party of India tweeted that “the Army Chief’s statement underlines as to how the situation has degenerated under the Modi government, where the highest officer in uniform can so brazenly breach the limits of his institutional role”.