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Radio role in Sept War

This is to recall the very important role which Radio Pakistan had played during September 1965 War with India. Historically speaking, not only news about the developments on different fronts were presented in a hard hitting manner but milli taranas were penned, composed and rendered by prominent singers at Lahore Radio station along to back valiant defence forces engaged with aggressor on front but to motivate people which formed second defence line like a rock-wall.

While appreciating Radio Pakistan’s motivational and promotional role during 17 days September War, one is also hurt and saddened to hear about the national institution decaying owing to the persistent financial crisis over the years. However, reports in the media that the federal government is deliberating over the proposal of adding Rs 15 to Rs 35 which the electricity consumers are paying every month with their electricity bills as PTV Licence Fee for generating some resources for financially-starved Radio Pakistan.

The proposal is indeed welcomed as a step in the right direction though in a much delayed manner. It is hoped that the federal government would take right decision in this regard at the earliest without resorting to dilly dallying tactics of consultations at one or other committee level. No such consultation was held when the PTV Licence Fee of 35 was added to the electricity consumers bills.

It will be electricity consumers contribution towards saving the national organization of Radio Pakistan from consistently decaying as they are already paying thousands of rupees every month as taxes, duties, surcharges and fuel adjustment surcharges and addition of little amount of Rs 15 will fully be justified and genuine contribution on their part, please.

Concluding, this scribe would like to appeal to the domestic electricity consumers at large to be ready to make their invaluable contribution towards saving Radio Pakistan by paying extra Rs 15 with PTV Licence Fee of Rs 35 every month with their power consumption bills willingly.



Questioning loyalties

Tolerance for difference of opinion, faith and right to dissent is what democracy is all about. This self-assumed right to question loyalties and patriotism of those, who while taking an oath to hold public office, pledged loyalty to Pakistan and its Constitution must stop.

We are a strange nation that is willing to allow individuals, who while pledging an Oath of Allegiance to another country, “absolutely and entirely renounce” their loyalty to Pakistan, yet are considering to allow them to hold elected public offices or be part of technocratic set-up.

Giving right to vote, to those who are not even on registered voters list, while casting aspersions on loyalty and patriotism of those who live in Pakistan and pay taxes etc makes no sense.

One can disagree with what Shaukat Tarin said, or his choice of words and political rationale, but nobody should have the right to question his loyalty to Pakistan. His late father was a staunch supporter of the Quaid and Muslim League, which waged the political struggle for creation of Pakistan.

This country has a tragic record where those who served the Raj loyally and continued to protect their interests and compromised our sovereignty even after independence, had the audacity to call Fatima Jinnah a traitor and an Indian agent and cast aspersions on likes of Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy.



Freedom of expression

Freedom of expression, guaranteed by the Constitution of the country, doesn’t give anyone the license to decry the state or state institutions. Decrying the state institutions, for personal grudges or gains, by any person for that matter, is utterly disgraceful. This cannot and should not be allowed to burgeon under any circumstances.

The deliberate attempt by a particular group to incessantly denigrate the state and the state institutions, must be taken a serious note of. In fact, such utterly brazen and audacious escapades of these anti-state elements should be dealt with a heavy hand. It should be cogently and assertively made known to all and sundry that none, regardless of their status, possess the right to traduce the state or the state institutions.

Demeaning state institutions of the stature of the Pakistan Army, the Judiciary of Pakistan, the Election Commission of Pakistan, and other perennial national institutions, by a particular political group has become the order of the day. To attain its ulterior objectives, this group is audaciously engaged in propagating a rhetoric that, by all standards, is anti-state and should be condemned in the strongest words by every segment of our society.

Disparagement of this group against the vital state institutions, besides badly tarnishing the image of these institutions, has also tarnished the image of Pakistan in the comity of respected world nations.

Will this profoundly nasty smear campaign launched against the pre-eminent institutions of the country by vested interests ever halt? No, not until those in position of authority vigorously exercise their power to stop it. Do not allow anyone to play with the destiny of this nation. Enough is enough. Act, before it is too late. Act briskly, before irreversible damage is done to the State and its top-tier institutions.




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