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Save Radio Pakistan

This is a very important clarion call to those treading the corridors of powers and the people at large to save the great national institution of Radio Pakistan which is fast decaying due to rapidly deteriorating financial crisis mainly owing to low priority attached to it by the succeeding federal governments as it is only an audio medium as compared to PTV which is audio-visual medium.

Domestic electricity consumers are paying Rs 35 as PTV licence Fee in their power bills for years together whereas Radio Pakistan has no income of its own and relies almost entirely on the federal government.

According to the reports in the media, Radio Pakistan Director General has mooted a very feasible, practical proposal that Rs 15 be added to PTV Licence Fee of Rs 35 per month for generating resources for generating substantial resources for his organization which is facing host of professional and other problems due to prolonging financial crisis and no income from commercial sales and other sources.

The federal government’s quarters concerned, to whom this proposal has been submitted, should not waste any time in procedural matters, approve it and earn distinction of doing something positive for saving a national institution from fast decaying.

This scribe is confident and sure that the domestic electricity consumers would not mind paying another Rs 15 along with Rs 35 as PTV Licence every month along with thousands of rupees as taxes, duties and surcharges alike GST, Income Tax, Federal Excise Duty, this and that surcharge in their power bills every month besides heavy Fuel Adjustment Surcharge to save the fast decaying national institution of Radio Pakistan which is in the grip of acute financial crisis and in the process of fast losing its professional status due to lack of much required facilities to its employees throughout the country.



Supremacy of law

Islamabad High Court rejected the reply submitted Imran Khan to its contempt notice, for making threats against a subordinate judge at a public rally, but he still should count it a mercy that he was given a second chance to file another reply. After all he would still have to make the apology. The only thing preventing him from doing so is perhaps his ego, and a desire to avoid any appearance of weakness.

It is perhaps time that Imran Khan realizes that it is not the time to play games, that he must take the courts seriously, and meet its requirements. It is not a question of a clash of egos. The IHC clearly does not want to set a precedent by accepting his reply. The hearing made it apparent that the court probably wanted him to apologize, so that it could dispose of the matter. True, an apology is no guarantee of acquittal, as even a sitting Prime Minister, Yousaf Reza Gilani, can testify.

It should do so, and Imran Khan should cooperate with it, because the country has seen, with Mian Nawaz Sharif and the PML(N), the dire consequences the whole country faces when a party leader is removed from politics by judicial fiat. Imran Khan might fear that apologizing to the IHC might create pressure for him to apologize to the Election Commission of Pakistan, whose proceedings in its contempt notice to him have not been stayed, though the announcement of a judgment has been.

Knowing all the pros and cons of the decision of contempt notice, the legal team of Imran Khan is inclined to confront with judiciary. He should change his posture to one of moderation. He should not try to push it to the wall, which he is doing at the moment. The IHC should uphold the supremacy of law keeping in view the precedents in cases of Contempt of Court. No person is above law whatsoever he possesses strength and power.



Shortage of gas

Since the torrential downpour occurred in Quetta city, the supply of gas has been suspended for more than a week. The people are facing difficulties on the score of lack of gas. The flash floods swept away gas pipelines and power supply in the Bolan district of Balochistan. The flood damaged nearly 12 to 24 inches of gas pipelines. It is causing gas suspension in many parts of the province.

On the other hand, there is also a shortage of LPG in the city. The common people are facing severe hardship due to high price of LPG as well as other commodities. The price of LPG has reached Rs.500 per kilogram due to higher demand. Therefore, the district administration is requested to take major steps for rehabilitation of gas supply as soon as possible



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