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Effects of heavy rainfall

In Balochistan, like other provinces of Pakistan, flash floods triggered by heavy rains brought untold miseries to the people. These floods have killed many hundred people and their livestock demolished bridges, roads and million of homes. People in every district of the province have been severely affected by heavy rainfall and are waiting to be evacuated.

Unfortunately concerned authorities have failed to act on time and provide rescue to marooned people. The province is facing a great humanitarian crisis and sitting government must take prompt measures to save lives.


Via email


The recent monsoon spell hit hard almost entire country, more then one thousand people lost their lives and thousands of homes were destroyed. Agriculture received a great blow as important crops, fruit and vegetable farms were destroyed besides thousand of cattle heads disappeared. The very heavy rainfall has inundated vast tract of land in all provinces, so NDMA and other relevant departments must take immediate action on this issue and help people who have lost their homes and other belongings.


Khuzdar, Balochistan

Role of religion

Undoubtedly nature has revealed principles of living a meaningful life by following one’s religion. It is religion which helps man to live a life with full zeal and zest. No religion in the world teaches hatred and war. Religion offers best guidelines on every aspect of life. For instance, a person buys a cell phone from market. The manufacture explains various benefits of that device and also explains precautions that one should take while using it. If one doesn’t follow the manual there are strong chances that device is corrupted and becomes a problem. Sometimes, a person confronts such situation in life when he/she is unable to understand what to do next, going through rough time when anxieties and depressions are prevailing. At that time, one tries to seek refuge in the religion. Religious has always inspired a person to follow the right path. The above discussion shows that there is a close relationship between human life and the Creator. Religion acts as a connection between Creator and creations. Religion is the saviour of mankind if followed in letter and in spirit.


Layyah, Punjab

Education in doldrums

Education is an inalienable right of all and sundry. The quality of education in government schools is quite substandard. There are various reasons of low-performance of government schools. Firstly recruitment of teachers is always done on political basis. Another obstacle in quality education is cramming in classes. Student Teacher Ratio is one teacher to 40 students.

On the ground this ratio is one teacher to 100 students. After 5 to 7 years, the syllabus should be renewed yet syllabus that our fathers studied in 70s is still being taught in schools. If this mindset persists in government schools we will never progress and always obtain low-performance. In my opinion, a fundamental change is required in our education policy so that level of education is upgraded to present times.


Nawabshah, Sindh

Regional connectivity

Robust economic growth and development is generally attributed to economic connectivity between states. However it is regional cooperation which is the real key to economic progress. Ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict has greatly hampered this initiative. States can generate greater profits with minimum risk when they engage in trade with neighbouring states. Pakistan has to learn this as soon as possible.

A recent survey by US state department suggested that state should refrain from cross-Atlantic or cross Pacific trade and keep regional trade as top priority. The survey concluded that members of European Community and ASEAN got the most benefit from regional trade, while Africa and South Asia were worst in terms of regional cooperation and hence in economic development. This was also reflected in a recent article published in The Guardian in which lament was shown over Britain’s decision to exit EU, while it’s trying now to re-establish ties with the EU.

Pakistan has a lesson in all this. The country has history of aggravated ties with neighbours due to which a large amount of revenue is lost while trade expenditure with the West is on the rise accompanied by threats and intervention. The annual trade between Pakistan and India is merely $2b as compared to $20b trade between US and Canada every day. Both countries are great markets and have immense mutual economic opportunities. An increased economic activity can also boost friendly relations which will help resolve issues concerning security and water resource distribution.


Sobhodero, Sindh

Judicial system

Any democratic set-up requires a strong, honest and impartial judiciary to ensure check and balance in order to implement people friendly policies. In a country like Pakistan, role of the judiciary has become somewhat controversial. Rulings based on rule of law rarely come and most of the times political compulsions are considered more important. Also, our courts must draw a line to avoid interfering in the domain of other state pillars.

Moreover, role of the judiciary doesn’t limit to social or political affairs but widened to deal prudently with economic affairs as well.

Undoubtedly, sustainable growth and confidence of economic stakeholders lie in emergence of a vibrant judicial system as a fair and free judicial system is a beacon of hope for common people and for those who invest in the country. Unnecessary stay orders, delay in proceedings and so on undermines confidence and faith of business community and prevents them from infusing money in the market and as a result economic potential remains isolated from utilisation. Hence, prosperity of our country is allied with an independent and vigorous judicial system that is fair and vibrant.


Sukkur, Sindh


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