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Relentless rains make Balochistan miserable

The recent monsoon season in Balochistan is quite damaging as the relentless rains are acting as a threat multiplier for the national security and deteriorating economy. The intense flooding is alarming as it has destroyed the infrastructure and has claimed dozens of lives. The destruction of the infrastructure has raised the alarms as it is damaging the economy at a higher rate. The rising threat of climate change has raised questions about the credibility of the government regarding crisis management in Balochistan which is also a national security threat to the country.

Balochistan is already mired in political and security turmoil with the ongoing insurgency and instability is on the rise. In this scenario, the massive flooding is a threat multiplier that can catalyze the already potential national security threats of poverty, resource scarcity and inter-provincial rivalry. In the past, Balochistan has experienced massive floods, but the current situation is making climate change a preliminary threat to national security. According to Met Office, a surge of about 501% has been recorded in the current monsoon rainfall patterns.

The changes in the monsoon patterns have resulted in severe rain in Balochistan. As aforementioned, the increase in rainfall compared to the past years has resulted in the loss of life and property. The Met Office has raised the apprehension that there will be more rainfall in the coming days and authorities need to be prepared for crisis management. It is evident from Prime Minister’s orders to federal and provincial institutions to take precautionary measures to curb the adverse effects of monsoon rainfall. Nonetheless, this situation is challenging as the rebuilding of the damaged infrastructure would be a hectic task for the state apparatus.



Afghanistan and its recognition

Afghanistan and its people have been going through great lurch since three decades because of nefarious designs of foreign powers and their illegitimate will to use the soil of war-ravaged country for their political leverage. In this whole scenario, they are much affected by economic crunch to a great deal to this day. Quagmire situation compelled them to sell their liver to satiate the empty bellies of their innocent children, and they fell victim to self-destruction to the bargain.

As education and health facilities are also their fundamental rights, they are being deprived of. The role of international community is questionable given the current awkward predicament. Global community must take stringent and pragmatic measures to avert the humanitarian disaster further and recognize the newly emerged regime in Kabul as early as possible. Global forums must awake from their profound slumber in order to help the starving and dying people of Afghanistan, if not stave off situation, it could be seeped into its immediate neighbourhood.

The Taliban regime must show flexibility to its hard-line stance and effect the demand of international community to respect the human rights especially related to women rights so as to avoid the catastrophic consequences down the road.


Kandhkot, Sindh

Traffic jam

in Karachi

I would like to draw the attention of the law enforcement agencies towards the traffic jam which is a big problem in Karachi. Due to traffic jams, people have to face woes and miseries.

People leave their homes and moves towards their destinations but they can’t reach in time and their precious time is wasted because of traffic jam. Additionally, due to traffic jams, students can’t reach their schools, colleges and universities in time and also many patients lose their lives in ambulance due to traffic jam. At last, it is my humble request to the higher authorities to take tangible measures to find the appropriate solution for it.


Via email

Kashmore needs a library

Education is the fundamental right of every man and woman; however, the people of Kashmore district have been deprived of this basic need. As per the census report of 2017, the literacy rate of Kashmore is 30.58%, including 41.76% male and 18.59% female.

Kashmore is one of the most populous districts of Sindh with more than 1090.36 population. It has 64 public sector educational institutions. The students of Kashmore/Kandhkot are devoted and keen learners, but they are deprived of a public library.

Absence of a public library keeps students away from studies since they do not have adequate resources to carry out their research and study aspirations. Some people send their children to main cities for study. They can afford their expenses; however, the poor masses have no capacity to send their children to other cities in Pakistan.

On the other hand, students belonging to the lower class cannot carry out higher studies. Many leave their education at earlier ages and search for their livelihood. Public Library has become a dire need for the people of Kashmore Kandhkot.

Political parties from the constituency have no concern with masses except votes. The incumbent govt should come forward to establish a public library in this marginalized region. Kashmore is a land of talent; however, without a proper library people of this region neither have their past nor a future. Ray Bradbury rightly said, “Without libraries, what have we? We have no past and no future”.




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