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Petrol bomb

The petrol bomb has fallen on the masses, once again. Only a couple of days ago, news circulating in the market was that a substantial cut in the prices of petroleum products is in the offing. But to the utter shock and disbelief of the profoundly financially battered people of the country, the prices of petroleum products were increased.

The new prices of different petroleum products that have come into effect from August 16, 2022 are: MS (Petrol): 233.91, High-Speed Diesel (HSD): 244.44, Kerosene 199.40, Light Diesel Oil: 191.75

Eminent Economist & Financial Analyst, Dr. Farrukh Saleem, in his tweet, has commented: (i) In the past two weeks Rs-$ parity has moved from Rs.240 to Rs.210, (ii) In the past two weeks crude prices have moved down from $100/B to $93/B, (iii) Why has our Govt increased the price of petrol? (iv) Who is at fault? (v) PSO? (vi) Min of Petroleum? (vii) OGRA?

The questions raised by Dr. Farrukh are pertinent to the core, and should be answered to the satisfaction of the financially hard-hit people of this country. It is deemed pertinent to mention here that even PML (N) Leader and former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and Vice President PML (N) Maryam Nawaz have vociferously expressed their indignation over the increase in prices of petroleum products.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, the PML (N) Vice President Maryann Nawaz said: Mian Nawaz Sharif has rejected the increase in petrol prices. PML (N) supremo Nawaz Sharif has expressed his opposition to the federal government’s decision to ramp up the prices of petroleum products, said PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz.

All this justifies an explanation from the relevant quarters. Don’t you think so? The Federal Finance Minister Dr. Mifta Ismail, I am sure, would come forward and address the queries and concerns of the people, vis-à-vis this issue of profound interest and concern to them.



Charter of economy

Political rivalry, a concomitant of a multi-party democratic system, plays a healthy role by keeping the ruling party on its toes. The opposition keeps a check on the government by critically examining its policies and pointing out its mistakes in parliamentary debates or through press conferences and if nothing else works through public protests. The opposition thus provides the government an opportunity to correct its course. It is in the government’s own interest to allow the opposition to speak out, instead of steamrollering it.

Problems arise when political rivalry degenerates into political enmity and rivals try to knock each other out through foul-play as one has often seen happening in Pakistan.

With the appearance of Imran Khan on the political horizon, politics became a war between “us” and “them” rather than a competition between parties with different manifestos.

Never in the country’s history were swear words and curses hurled on opponents so liberally. Once in power the PTI resorted to an unprecedented character assassination campaign of its opponents through social media trolls.

A number of opponents were sent to jails through NAB without there being any solid cases against them. There is need to treat political opponents as challengers rather than enemies. Democracy can only be flourished with constructive and positive role of opposition on the right forum (Parliament) not day-to-day agitation and rallies on streets.

After ouster from power IK waged a belligerent war against government at the Centre instead of rectifying the reasons of his downfall. Not only government but constitutional institutions are also under attack of PTI leaders furious and spiteful statements.

Keeping in view the present staggered economy of the country, it is need of the hour to agree upon a “Charter of Economy” in the larger interest of the motherland. A grand “National Dialogue” should be initiated to defuse the rising political tension and animosity in the country.



Urgent need

All 34 districts of Balochistan have been badly affected due to recent heavy rains but Lasbela is the worst hit. People are lying under the open sky with nothing to eat. There are reports of children and women dying due to hunger, but the government’s relief and rescue teams are missing. Many people have drowned in the flood water while rescuing their families on a self-help basis.

The supply of food and other necessities has been stopped and there is an urgent need for army and air force personnel to come to the rescue of the marooned population.

Welfare organisations have set up humanitarian camps in Karachi, Gwadar and Turbat for arranging financial support for the flood-affected people of Lasbela and we all must make generous contributions.


Hirronk Kech

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