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Poor health facilities

Few days ago, I went to town hospital for routine medical check-up. I was shocked to see poor construction of the said hospital besides substandard administrative services. It was also painful to see poor sanitation as rubbish was spread everywhere on floors. Doctors there charged Rs 800/- to Rs 1500/- for five minutes check up. Hospital neither had electricity nor any generator/UPS system for common people yet doctors were sitting in air-conditioned and well decorated rooms.

Moreover, behaviour of doctors with patients was totally unacceptable, as they seem more to enjoy dealing with representatives of pharmaceutical companies. In addition to this, doctors were prescribing medicines that many patients couldn’t afford because of their high prices.


Shahdadkot, Sindh

Corruption and ordinary public

Is it a fact that an ordinary person is main factor behind growing corruption in institutions? If we ourselves perform our duties well following law of the land in letter and in spirit, there would be no opportunity left for any person to indulge in corrupt behaviour. Thus, it’s due to our own attitude that individuals or institutions use unlawful practices and methods. We as a nation must avoid laziness, so that corruption is reduced to the minimum in our society.


Larkana, Sindh

Drug addiction

Drug addiction is an evil that hampers development of a country. Drug addiction has become a serious issue in our country as many youngsters have adopted it. Unluckily, drug and narcotics trafficking has become order of the day in Balochistan’s city of Hub where narcotics are traded openly. As a result many people have fallen victim to it particularly youth, as almost no area of the city is free from drug addicts and dealers. I wonder when government would realise that drugs are destroying our young people at a fast pace.


Via email

Time is never same

For the last two years Virat Kohli’s poor form is continuing for which he is facing criticism. The most important thing to learn from his failure is that good times and bad times are not permanent, people rise and they also fall. Ups and downs are parts of journeys towards success. We should also realise that people who were the best but are not doing good in present time can also be dropped as Virat who is the first cricketer to make 70 international centuries, was also among top 10 cricketers in the world before last few matches.

There is no doubt that people still believe that he is the best and his fans are eagerly waiting for his comeback. He still makes scores much better yet in some matches he could not make runs. Hoping best for him in next matches. Kohli is a trusted player from whom people cannot tolerate failure. There was a time when crowd believed that he will make a century and India will win any match. So when you get criticised, work and improve yourself to bounce back. Virat Kohli also needs to learn and bounce back with a better form and energy.



Hockey debacle

Hockey is the national sport of Pakistan yet it still remains most neglected. While government has never focussed on hockey reforms, dirty politics within PHF administration over the years has affected the sport badly, resulting in pathetic rankings in almost all regional and international tournaments.

The game needs immediate attention at provincial and national levels with absolute sincerity. Players need to be selected and trained with best possible facilities related to their health, fitness practice and positive mindset.


Via email

A society without character

Let’s remember Sophocles for exact reflection of life’s ongoing circumstances. Sophocles was a dramatist in 496 BC. His famous work (Oedipus the king) reflects the situation of our current society in a way that in Act-1, a group of people, led by Priest, goes at the King Oedipus’s palace.

The people and the priest tell the King that the entire city is in big trouble, death is touching them and the king should be a helping hand for them. Their cattle farms, fields and plantation are near extinction. The plague and winged monster named sphinx has spread all over the city. Nothing is there to eat, even pieces of body. Coming to the point that every character of our society has been dead. In current time, every story is terrible and frightening. Such as a poor man, shouting loudly for selling something in the street but no one is hearing him. A father, selling toys outside the hospital and requesting people to buy toys so that he is able to buy medicine for his daughter who is hospitalised. Somebody is requesting for loan to buy shroud.

Some children are looking helplessly for some thing to eat outside a shop. Shopkeepers are in wait for customers. Labours go back home without earning. Mothers can’t see their children dying of starvation, thus selling them. Characters of our society have become characterless, but no one is raising voice for their pain. Are they dead?

If we turn pages of history, we find that Europe was also in sufferings yet they raised questions for their betterment. Resultantly they are now dominant all over the world. We are all our own victims. Indeed, question has much importance than answer. But we always hesitate to question for basic rights. Let’s come to question that if we are responsible for this condition or others?


Shahdadkot, Sindh

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