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Unidentified bodies

News circulating on social media caused goose bumps, 28 dead bodies till now have struck at various gates of Sukkur barrage.

Whose bodies are these?

Has no one tried to probe into the matter till yet?

Are these the bodies of different flood effected IDPs or some others?

Such number of people found dead in deep waters floating on the mercy of waves have caused a kind of panic in general public.

No one as of now has identified them and are buried as unknown corpses.

No one has raised any voice till now, no one has owned those anonymous bodies.

This number is increased alarmingly in three weeks.

The concerned authorities must see into such drastically increasing number of dead bodies in such shorten span of time.


Agra, Sindh

Rise of extremism

If you put water in the glass according to its capacity level it is good but when you increase water above to the capacity level then it flows out from glass and makes filth on the table.

Extremism is like this, if you do anything such as extreme love to your country and religion.

According to standard level then it is good but when you love in deep or at extreme level it will impact on you as well as society.

A person who follows extreme thoughts is known as an extremist.

Nowadays, extremism has increased.

Causes: Rise of extremism is not caused by one person but there are some mafias that brainwash people through fake ideas and thoughts, our social system and illiteracy is the main cause of extremism.

Further, our pro-religious scholars and politicians play the main role to make people more aggressive by adding their emotional speeches, then people easily get in their trap and react spontaneously, without analyzing reality.

Impacts: The major impact of extremism is there is no peace in society.

When nationalist arose on an extreme level, then illiterate pro-nationalist involved in activities such as shelter strike, roadblock and damaging government offices and these all things had a negative impact on education, health and economy.

These things are very important for developing countries.

When extremism in religion is high, it will increase unrest in the state, causing sectarianism problems (firqa).

How to control: State should make central society, which controls these issues, and educate people regarding extremism, country should ensure education and try to increase literacy rate.



Monsoon and construction of dams

Monsoon season in Pakistan runs from July through September every year and causes massive destruction at both individual and national levels.

The loss of crops, infrastructure and human lives leaves people in distress.

Sudden cloud bursts and heavier-than-average downpours in Pakistan are the consequences of climate change.

Pakistan is an agrarian country, its agriculture sector contributes 18.

9% to GDP and provides 42.

3% labour force.

Besides this, it improves foreign exchange earnings and the growth of the public and private sectors.

The recent havoc created by the monsoon season in the Balochistan and Sindh provinces of Pakistan depicts the outcome of poor provincial governance.

Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) reported 136 total deaths in Balochistan along with a massive loss of infrastructure.

According to this report, 13535 houses had been damaged out of which 3406 were destroyed.

If you talk about Karachi, a financial hub of Pakistan is facing the same issues.

As per the disaster control agency, at least 26 people died and the city faced a poor drainage system due to heavy rainfall.

People had to walk through high-waist water to save their lives.

A few of them arranged boats and horses to cross the streets.

Despite giving taxes on time, who is responsible for this loss?

Surely, these are the outcomes of the negligence of the federal and provincial governments.

Government should take mature and notable measures to overcome this annual loss.

Dams should be constructed to save monsoon rainwater.

This water can be used to make electricity and to meet other energy requirements of the country.

The provincial government should use its budget effectively and make a proper drainage system.




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