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Independence celebrations

August is the month of independence. We celebrate our independence day on 14 August. We just celebrate independence day. Is it the only thing that our country needs and asks for? We have forgotten the sacrifices? We have forgotten the massacre of innocent people, we have forgotten the hardships of our leaders, and we celebrate this independence just only for one day and we celebrate this day in a way that our country does not need or demand. Many people celebrate independence by singing patriotic songs, uploading patriotic songs and quotations on social media, and wearing new dresses. Even in schools, we do the same we teach our children to sing patriotic songs and play an emotional play that shows patriotism on independence day. Of course, It enhances patriotism in young minds, but what on the next day? We see the flags of our country on the floor and in the dustbins. Is it our love for our beloved country which we got after so many hardships and scarifies? We must focus on our country’s needs. Our country needs us. It does not need patriotic songs or only one-day celebrations. Do anything you can do for your country, it can be a small action that benefits Pakistan and its people. Do whatever you can do for your country. Be sincere and honest with your work, no matter what work you do, but be honest. Help others. A common man cannot change the whole system but many common people together can do this. Celebration is not the thing that our country needs, do what our country needs. Celebrate independence through serving Pakistan.


Pir Jo Goth.

Toxic society

Pakistani society is so deeply mired in the whirlpool of hatred, grudge, egotism, unwavering gluttony, moral decay and fight over petty matters that we have gone blind to our pristine societal moral values such as honesty, helpfulness, kindness, humanity, altruism, love that once had our strength faded away now like a puff of air. Moreover, immorality has deeply seeped into the layers of regressive society which has crept the society into bottomless abyss of moral turpitude. This structurally systematic societal decline, armed with blood-thirsty tentacles and ailing social psyche, consumes the life of many struggling souls. People are manipulative, materialistic but a money-grabbing in particular and want to become rich overnight. Moreover, they seek for an opportune event in order to lower others or find some reason to mock others, because they feel schadenfreude in dragging others into unsuccessful state or destruction and finally they end up in deriving baleful fruits. In addition, sickness of hypocrisy has spread like a wildfire in our society where people are not what they pretend to be. There is a stark contrast between appearance and reality of people. When one gets stuck in troubled waters, they leave him/her in the lurch. They deceive others for gaining their ulterior motives or vested interests. They feel no qualms in inflicting excruciating agony and pain to others. They have become so selfish that humanity scope too has dwindled among them.

To conclude, we have become morally enervated and feeble; therefore we, as a society, need to reform our collective and individual psyche from toxic to morally enlightened one, from biased to unprejudiced. If turned a deaf ear to rational and logical steps to develop societies’ lethal psyche, all the above mentioned factors will continue to prevail for good.


Kandhkot, Sindh

Online Shopping

What is online shopping? Online shopping is when we buy something on the internet and we send the address and tell the name of which thing we want to buy. The Online company sends the thing with a person to reach the thing which you want to buy.

Unfortunately, there are some possibilities of being swindled online. Sometimes, you order things, they send them and give you a parcel. After checking it properly at home, you will come to know that there is nothing like what you ordered inside the box or parcel. Moreover, there are a lot of disadvantages of online shopping. Therefore, we all should prefer offline and physical shopping because it can be more beneficial for us as it can be a source of exercise and recreation.

I request that people not buy things online shopping if possible.


Malir, Karachi

Fate of Pakistan

Pakistan is in economic, political and social turmoil, so its citizens are hunting for PR and jobs in developed countries like Canada and Australia. Since 1947, Pakistan has been struggling to stabilize its political and social circumstances, however, economic conditions had been fluctuating for now. In this context, the current account deficit (CAD) of Pakistan has swollen up to USD 17.4 billion in the fiscal year 2021-2022. The governmental ban on the import of luxury items has proved beneficial at some instant but that is not a permanent solution. Due to the depreciation of PKR, Pakistan’s exports are facing major difficulties. Foreign investors are not ready to take a risk in this economic instability. Moreover, the IMF deal is on hold due to ongoing regime change and political instability in the country. The fate of Pakistan has not been decided yet its 75th anniversary is around the corner. The constant immature and personal interests of politicians are pushing Pakistan into a deep hole. This unpredictable fate of Pakistan has forced people to look out for opportunities in foreign countries. Recently, Canada and Australia have announced PR and multiple jobs for the immigrants that could prove a jackpot for ordinary Pakistanis in these circumstances. These countries are inviting people to live and work in their countries, in return, they aim to provide a better lifestyle. Again, this is not a permanent solution to Pakistan’s temporary problems. In my opinion, the fate of Pakistan is in the hands of our politicians. They should take mature and serious steps toward the progress of this country. Political stability is the only cure for economic and social crises.



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