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US-Iran tension

Historically, Iran’s relation with the hegemonies has been a fiasco. Tehran has continued its praxis in shape of deteriorating bilateralism with the US. The slogan of an inevitable apocalypse of Washington-Tehran crisis has been written on the wall since the Iranian Revolution. The whole screenplay seems to be following the principles of Constructivism. It emphasizes that all the relations are socially and historically constructed. This clearly shows that US-Iran bitterness has escalated overtime.
There was a time when US gave Iran the status of ‘Policeman’ of this region and now is considered as the thieves of Washington’s national interest. Khomeini’s policy of ‘neither east nor west’, which resulted in development of nukes, became the reason of the drift in Washington-Tehran parallels. Iran’s bold decisions led the US to pull off the plugs by imposing sanctions on them. With Washington’s policy to decapitate Tehran at any cost and vice versa, war is now under the bridge. While US follow the essence of Realpolitik, italicizing that war does not need any moral justification. Iran follows the proposition of thirty-six stratagems proposed by Sun Tzu, highlighting that when the enemy is too strong to be attacked directly then ambush something dearly to them.
And Tehran has done just that by threatening to choke the most important choke point, the Strait of Hormuz. The US with such developments now is under a lot of heat as smooth oil supply is on the line. In today’s world, every state looks for its economic interests. Washington would never want to position their industrial sector at risk. By this prospect, Tehran would reign supreme while Washington would ultimately have to surrender. ‘Ultimate excellence lies not in winning every battle but in defeating the enemy without ever fighting’.
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HEC’s positive step

I wish to appreciate the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan for the especial announcement to award around 3000 scholarships to Afghan students under a four-year programme.
According to a report these scholarships will be offered in phases and every year students of different categories will be the beneficiaries under scholarship programme, as every year 500 students would get admission in medical colleges, 100 in dental colleges and 600 in engineering universities. The Report further disclosed that also Afghan students would get facilitation for admission in different MS and PhD programmes in Pakistan soon.
It is time for all of us to appreciate the concerned authorities for the kind step to facilitate the poor and capable students of Afghanistan who were waiting for the opportunity. As a citizen of Pakistan, however, I do believe that the opportunity does not only create source for the Afghan students to accomplish their destination but also can be a source to build a friendly and positive relationship between both of the countries (Pakistan and Afghanistan).
Kech, Turbat

of cancer

It is painful to learn that Pakistan is included in the list of developing countries where cancer is becoming a serious issue among children. Its incidence is increasing by the day. However, cancer in children is fully curable in children as well as in adults. Due to poor cancer awareness, inability to afford treatment and a dearth of trained physicians, many children are losing their life due to cancer and other dangerous but curable diseases. Nearly 70 million children under the age of 15 are reported to be suffering from cancer. Humanitarian organisations claim that 6,000 children are being diagnosed every year.
Unfortunately, a large majority of these patients never get either proper diagnosis or treatment. 47% cases have been reported to occur from Karachi, with the remaining cases occuring across the country. The consumption of chhalia gutka (betel nut mixed with tobacco), paan, cigarettes and the use of sheesha are some of the major causes of the spread of cancer. The government should ban the consumption of these harmful products and increase the number of hospitals and trained medics and nurses who can help cancer patients.
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Congrats Amir Khan!

I wish to congratulate the Pakistani-origin British boxer Amir Khan for claiming the WBC International Welterweight Title in Saudi Arabia. A two-time world champion’s first venture in Saudi Arabia ended with a convincing victory over Australian Billy Dib here on Saturday.
According to a report Amir was originally scheduled to face Neeraj Goyat in the first ever Pakistan-India showdown in a boxing ring, but the original opponent withdrew after being injured in a car accident. As a citizen of Pakistan, I congratulate Amir for his stunning victory over Australian boxer Billy Dib and we hope to see some more victories in future.
Kech Turbat

Child labour

The Prime Minister Imran khan in his presidential speech uttered about the impoverished and suppressed who hardly manage to have one meal a day. The whole nation applauded and spoke kind words to him as because no political leader in the history of Pakistan highlighted the issue of child labour. Pakistan is one of the most dangerous countries for children. According to some fresh reports more than 10 million Pakistani kids have to work to financially support their families at school going age. The pathos of living in poverty forces the already undernourished children to be economically active to get relief from pauperism.
Additionally, most of the domestic servants in many sectors are children. It heart wrenches to say, these home servants are dealt as slaves. They face barbaric behaviour of buyers. They are frequently sexually abused by their masters and surrounded persons. A majority of youth under 14 years of age working as conductors and at road sides hotels are abhorrently linguistically abused.
Article 11 of the constitution states that “no child below the age of 14 years shall be engaged in any factory or mine or any other hazardous employment” but according to me, this is a totally flaw of lawlessness. Child labour is a serious issue that needs immediate attention.

From the teeming millions

Love you because you are our leaders. Respect you because you are our trend-setters. Cherish you because you are our role models. Relish you because you are our ray of hope. But our dear leaders, trend-setters, role models and ray of hope we bleed our hearts out when we see you fight so viciously, so wildly and so horribly with each other. We are so shell-shocked and so deadly stunned to see you locked in the round-the-clock shouting and abusing bouts of leg-pulling and mud-slinging at the very cost of national grace, dignity and honour!
True we all are so concerned about our problems-turned-woes of inflation, unemployment, education, health, environment, public utilities, roads, traffic and transportation looming precariously large over the national horizon. Indeed incomprehensibly horrendous are our hidden and exposed teething troubles of internal and external security and international status, standing, character and repute. Indeed we have full trust and confidence in the custodians of Pakistan.
Our dear leaders, trend-setters, role models and ray of hope, we the teeming millions of Pakistan, our envisioned land of purity, promise and potential, beg you to please rise over and above self, banish die-hard ego, stand and sit together, sink your lethal differences and address core national issues by coexisting with conflicting views and interests. Easy said than done but where there is a will there is a way.