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ICJ verdict

Apropos to the verdict of International Court of Justice (ICJ) which rejected India’s request for acquittal, release and return of Kulbhushan Jadhav, an Indian serving naval commander sentenced by Pakistan on charges of espionage and terrorism, but asked Islamabad to provide him consular access under the Vienna Convention. Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi termed the decision a victory of Pakistan.
The court accepted Pakistan’s point that Jadhav was an Indian national possessing a valid Indian passport in the name of Hussein Mubarak Patel and said it was satisfied that the evidence before it left no room for doubt that Jadhav held Indian nationality. As far as consular access is concerned Jadhav was not only a spy but also a mastermind of terrorism. Consular access does not apply to a spy and a saboteur who is involved in dreadful terrorist activities.
Pakistani lawyer provided precedence basing on historical court decisions of the past and international law that spy and espionage cases are not granted consular access. Indian is the first country in the 60 years history of ICJ that has demanded such a concession from the court in the light of Vienna Convention. Any such concession, if provided, will be as per the Customary National Laws or Mutual Bilateral Agreements between both the countries like Pakistan and India have bilateral treaties of 1982 and 2008, and not by ICJ.

of opposition members

I am worried about the way the Zimbabwean leaders are persecuting their citizens who voice their concerns towards human rights abuses and mismanagement of the country’s economy. One of the prominent members of the opposition party “Movement for Democratic Change” Job Sikhala was arrested for expressing freedom of speech.
The government is demanding a bailout payment of $5000.00 USD from him which is too much and unreasonable in a country where judiciary system is rotten. Zimbabwe’s judiciary system should be reformed urgently otherwise President Mnangagwa has failed to deliver his election promises and should tender his resignation.

2019 World Cup!

Perhaps the most imaginative writer would also not dare to come up with a script as unbelievable as the 2019 World Cup cricket final! What a fairy tale ending! However, when the winner gets decided by the number of boundaries scored in respective innings; it acted not only as a cruel dampener, but also rendered a great injustice to the valiant display of the unsung Kiwis. Barring Kane Williamson, Ross Taylor and Trent Boult; there are hardly any star in the line up.
Yet by virtue of impeccable team spirit and fighting attitude with cool minds, the Kiwis had succeeded in equalling the star-studded English in all departments including the super over in the latter’s own den Lords in the thrilling final! Justice would have been adequately served had both England and New Zealand been declared joint winners. It would have been much better fair and saner ending of the World Cup than the employment of the ridiculous yardstick of boundaries scored to decide on the Champion.
Kolkata, India

Sindh’s water woes

This is apropos with the article “Sindh’s water woes” published on 11 July in the Dawn. The issue of water in Sindh is not new, rather for decades that has been directly offensively affecting Sindh’s residents. Approximately, 1500 people traversed 140 kms over the course of nearly a week by foot under the scorching heat of the Sun with the only demand: the government should put an end to the water crisis they are facing. Unfortunately, the political will is miserably absent and apparently indicate the situation of cute shortage and irregular water supply will continue further. The main reason behind the current water crisis is the mismanagement of water, or decry the increase in illegal fish farms and large scale irrigation.
As a matter of fact, Sindh, in particular, is largely dependent on the Indus River to meet its water needs for drinking and agricultural purposes. It is perceived to receive 42pc of the shared water from the Indus River. But as the above mentioned illogical and perplexed issues the sufferings is going on. Keeping in view, the urbanization and industrialisation also contribute their effects in water crisis. The situation is very critical and seems to result worse in the near future. Therefore, the government should look into the matter and take concrete/concerted steps to heal Sindh’s populace.

Deprived of fundamental facilities

Kech is the second biggest district of Balochistan in terms of population according to recent census and it is the hub of intellectuals. It staggers me to state that multiple schools whether High, Middle or Primary— are in miserable state owing to negligence and lack of interest of our representatives.
Moreover, education plays a radical role for grooming students life and make them capable to accomplish their desired goal but the present government has completely failed to facilitate the students, in addition, most of the students are deprived of classrooms, furniture, toilets and potable water. The most lamentable part of the story is that the incumbent Government has reduced the education budget while Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch increased it manifold.
There are numerous reasons for backwardness of education not only in Kech but also in the entire Balochistan province such as lack of infrastructure, lack of interest of representatives, political influence, ghost teachers, incompetent teachers, misusing cluster budget and the governmental teachers who admit their sons or daughters to private schools and don’t teach the students of their own schools as their profession demands.
It is widely said that today’s world has reached the space but we are still deprived of our fundamental and constitutional rights. Kech has approximately 56 High schools which are mostly deprived of basic amenities to contribute their share to bring a positive change in the field of education. On the other hand, there are some private schools which are providing quality education but the destitute people cannot afford to have their kids admitted there.
Turbat, Kech

Who’s to
be blamed?

It is very sad that an old building at Mohammed Ali Road in Dongri area, Mumbai had to come crumbling down on July 17, with so many people losing their life and their property. It was a MHADA building and the MHADA owners are putting the blame on the BMC.
The BMC in turn is putting the blame on someone else. Nobody is willing to take the blame on themselves. All they need is our votes. Lives lost cannot be brought back again. All we can do is to pray for the dead. May their souls rest in peace.
Mumbai, India

Poverty is a menace

Poverty is a word used for those not having enough material possessions or income to meet their daily needs. Nowadays, poverty is the greatest social issue in Pakistan, major factors of which are lack of education, unemployment, population and inequality and injustice. One can see beggars on roads more than employees in offices.
The issue can be solved if government of Pakistan provides employment to people plus the parents with low income do not force their children to work in shops or garages in order to make some money. They should know that education takes time but in the end all the sacrifices and hard work are worth it.

IGP’s appreciable step

Inspector General of Islamabad Traffic Police, Amir Zulfiqar Khan has initiated a campaign named “Pehle Salaam Phir Kalaam”. According to this new campaign, every traffic police official has to salute the vehicle’s owner being stopped, before issuing challan. On 12th of July, under the directions of IGP Islamabad, Farrukh Rashid (SSP Traffic) briefed ITP officials and officers about importance of good behaviour with public.
This new step of behavioral change is being taken to boost the relations between ITP and citizens of the capital. And no doubt that the residents of Islamabad are applauding this campaign. From now on, every traffic police official will follow “Pehle Salaam Phir Kalaam” strategy as a goodwill gesture towards public. Today in this world, where behaviours are getting terribly worse, such splendid step taken by Amir Zulfiqar Khan is indeed commendable.
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