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Joint session

I want to congratulate both the Government and the Opposition for disappointing the nation on the Kashmir issue. The way politicians behaved was disgusting and pathetic, instead of showing unity as a nation and solidarity with Kashmir. When acting the way they acted they not only made Pakistan a laughing stock, but also disrespected all the sacrifices of those who gave their lives for our country, more than 100,000 martyrs in Kashmir, our Kashmiri sisters and mothers who got raped by cowardly Indian army.
I wonder when we will be able to think above personalities and party lines, at least on national security issues. These politicians or so-called leaders, I actually feel insulted to call them leaders of Pakistan, weren’t able to act beyond their personal agendas. First of all, PM Imran Khan needs to think and act like PM of Pakistan not PTI. I had and still have very high hopes that things will change for good in Pakistan under his govt, only if he starts to act wisely.
PM should’ve had a meeting with Shahbaz Sharif and Asif Zardari before the joint session in presence of COAS, DG ISI and DG ISPR so that all of them were on the same page. That would’ve not only made them feel included but would’ve also helped avoid the mistakes made in drafting the Resolution against India. Why PTI govt wasn’t able to ask people like Naeem Bukhari and Aitzaz Ahsan for help? Why govt didn’t ask for help from former Foreign Secretaries to help in drafting the Resolution so that it was strong, to the point and in line with Pakistan’s stance. Our Foreign Minister made a statement that there were signs that India is going to do something. That’s great that we knew beforehand {like Punjab Police} that something was going to happen, press was talking about India’s intention to revoke the Article-370 but the Government did nothing. Why the Govt was not proactive in planning the response? Why do we always react and react poorly?
Via email

India revoked article 370

From 1954 Jammu & Kashmir enjoyed autonomous status with its own constitution and flag. Kashmiris were independent and were allowed to freely do their religious practices. But, Kashmir was facing many problems from India because Muslims are in minority and they want to live free without any fear and slavery. The Article-370 was adopted to encourage Kashmiris that India cares for them and want them to be part of India. On the other side, Pakistan has been claiming that Kashmir belongs to us and they deserve freedom.
Due to much misunderstanding between Pakistan and India, Kashmir has faced many troubles and finally they decided to get freedom and they raised voice for their rights. Their voice was suppressed and their leaders were imprisoned to stop this movement. Kashmiris started their struggle by themselves to get freedom. But the revoke of article 370 has made Kashmir under India’s decisions.
Now Indian can occupy Kashmir and can buy and sell property in Kashmir. This revoke has decimated the dreams of Kashmiris to get freedom. Although, after the discussion of PM Imran Khan with Donald Trump to mediate on Kashmir, India took this decision and smashed Pakistanis and Kashmiris dreams in just seconds. Now India has much chance to send their citizens to Kashmir and make majority of Hindus there rather than Muslims.
This migration and enforcing laws in Kashmir will stop Kashmiris to think for freedom. We condemn this brutality from India to forcibly enforce its laws and constitution on Muslims in Kashmir. We request UN to take notice of this act and make Kashmir free as soon as possible. We really condemn revoking of this Article. Free Kashmir, spread peace.

Kashmir dispute and Modi

The ‘stable stalemate’ that Eqbal Ahmad called the situation of Kashmir and the ‘war of positioning’ that was all Eqbal Ahmad saw in strategies of both India and Pakistan to Kashmir are no more. The stalemate has been broken forcefully by the sheer audacity and disregard of Modi for human lives, peace and stability. While Pakistan has given up any semblance of posturing over Kashmir, maybe because of pre-arrangements or because they think that the risk involved in terms of global embarrassment and monetary bailout are too high.
This maybe the end of Kashmir dispute as we know it. Modi has leveraged the global privilege India has because of the sheer might of its economy to trump over any guarantee of self-governance and moral rights of Kashmiris. The dot of shame which was on forehead of Indian democracy has now taken over its face to blacken it.
The struggle of people of Kashmir is organic and the resistance is spotted everywhere in the annals of resistance struggle. Modi may have taken foolishly rash step to have a final solution in his megalomania but it should be a new lease for the spirit of Kashmiri resistance. And one day stories of pain and defiance will triumph over nakedness of violence.

Humanity before religion!

I would like to ask a question from the people. Why people give more importance to Hajj other than Salah (Namaz), although Salah is mentioned 700 times in the Holy Quran for offering? Every year approximately two million people from different countries of the world assemble at Makkah for pilgrimage. Hajj is fifth pillar of Islam, which is obligatory on those who can afford Hajj expenses once in their lifetime.
This year, 184,210 Pakistanis will have to perform Hajj, according to spokesman of the Ministry of Religious Affair and Interfaith Harmony. Frankly speaking, before travelling for pilgrimage to Makkah none of the single person would have realized for a minute that someone in their neighbourhood is living from hand to mouth. In this case, will God accept their Hajj? According to my point of view, God will never accept their Hajj, if someone in their neighbourhood living in abject poverty who does not have enough food to feed his family. According to a World Bank report, 80 per cent of Pakistanis poor live in rural areas many in ghettos and encampments in the dog days of summers, as well as, in frozen winters.
Why do they not donate this money to underprivileged and penniless people who do not have shelter to live? God will be more joyous and give them thousand times more reward than performing Hajj when they provide shelter and two times food to the needy. The Last Prophet said, “He is not a true believer who eats his fill while his neighbour is hungry.”
Khairpur Mir’s

Sensationalising a news

While watching news and talk shows on all the Pakistani private TV Channels, I ask a question to myself whether these channels are presenting a true and factual position of a matter or they just break the news/comment in a hurry without really going to the other side of the coin in an effort to show and claim to be the first channel to break such news/report. In a rat race of first breaking the news/report on a Channel, what happens that the reporter/anchor who breaks such news fails to show the other side of the situation as well; resultantly, a one sided picture of the facts moves around and viewers, then, tend to believe only that which comes to their eyes and ears frequently.
My humble request to all such anchors and news reporters of the private TV Channels would be not to sensationalize news and always be professional and balanced in their views by giving both the sides of an issue after proper scrutiny. In this manner, viewers would know the actual situation of a matter. Let the people, courts and the government of the day decide an issue and not the media personnel; because the role of the latter is just to inform the general public about the facts in an unbiased manner. Media men should avoid passing judgments on an issue.

OIC: A toothless tiger

An organization or union has to protect all kinds of right, interest and resolving disputes of their member state(s) around the globe. But, the world’s second largest organization “OIC” has been reacting just like a toothless tiger. The OIC member countries possess 70 percent of the world’s energy resources and 40 percent raw material, but the organization has miserably failed to serve its purpose for which it was established by Muslim leadership in 1969.
Since its establishment, the Islamic world has been suffering major catastrophes which have reduced it to almost non-factor in international politics. The lingering Palestine issue, the breakup of Pakistan through armed intervention by India in 1971, invasion of Lebanon by Israel in 1982, the Iraq-Iran war, invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, occupation of Iraq in 2003, Middle East crisis and recent Kashmir crisis have dealt a mortal blow to the unity, dignity and sovereignty of Muslim world.
The OIC has failed to respond meaningfully to any of these crises. The organization every time has issued high sounding declarations at the end of each summit. Nothing has been done to contain the crises. Consequently, the OIC has remained merely a toothless tiger. Briefly, the Muslim world has to maintain the integrity, unity, discipline and cooperation for collective betterment of Muslims.

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