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PTI’s misfortune

The PTI government has a colossal uphill task to revive economy, plug money laundering, increase exports and achieve revenues through direct taxation to bridge deficit and have enough fiscal space to provide citizens subsidized education, health and basic necessities. It was indeed unfortunate for PTI to have the most capable member of their team, Jehangir Tarin be declared inactive for any political role by judiciary. They must benefit from his experience and success as agriculturist and businessman.
The choice of ministers and advisors in federal cabinet has very few with enough experience, qualifications and skills to meet challenges. Asad Omar may have corporate management experience but has failed to encompass economic ills this country faces and tools required for remedial measures to bring it back on track. Similar is situation with Interior Ministry whose success in putting restrictions on proscribed groups is linked with FATF decision to remove us from Grey List or being placed on Black List. It will be right of choice of people at helm at various ministries which make PTI’s governance successful or otherwise.
News reports about changes in federal cabinet will hopefully be beneficial for country. It is time Establishment realizes that it is economy which sustains national security without which we cannot afford to have tools for our conventional defence strategy. Although our sole effective defence strategy is nuclear deterrence and not numerical strength of men in uniform. This country must remain thankful to ZAB who laid down foundations and acquired finances and services of scientists & engineers to build it.
Dubai, UAE

Forced Conversions Bill

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf MNA Rumesh Kumar presented a Bill in the National Assembly on March 26 to end forced conversions in Pakistan. However, the manner in which the term forced conversion has been employed in the Bill is troubling. According to the bill, any conversion of someone under the age of 18 to Islam should be deemed as forced, and hence illegal.
One wonders how this requirement will prevent forced conversions. On the other hand, this is a ploy to create deliberate hurdles in the path of citizens who want to revert to Islam, but happen to be under the age of 18. So it would be a travesty of justice to place such a restriction as suggested in the Bill. As far as forcing someone to convert to Islam goes, this is already prohibited in Islam, through an explicit verse of the Quran. Therefore, no one can justify forced conversions.

Consider building graveyards

I have a sincere advice for the rulers of this country and its builders. While you are building malls, high-rise buildings, and so on, please also think that when a person comes to this world, he has to go.
So you should also arrange for some graveyards according to the area-wise population. There is a shortage of graveyards.

War is not a joke!

War between India and Pakistan is one of the serious issues nowadays which can conclude in very destructive manner. But sadly when I open social media, war memes and jokes are circulating by some people as this is not there problem and they are not concerned to it.
It is very easy to share a joke while being comforted in your cozy beds or to criticise the forces without having a pint of knowledge. The number of lives being affected by this situation and it is nothing to joke about. We should be sensible, and supportive to our country and pray for our soldiers who are fighting for the prosperity of our country.


The word ‘Easter’ comes from the Germanic goddess of spring and fertility, Eostre. That is why Easter is filled with pagan symbols of life such as eggs, bunnies and chicks. Easter is another season of the year that presents an opportunity for most of us to once again reflect on the life of Jesus Christ. His resurrection is proof enough that he will return soon once again to this earth and I will have to account for how I have lived out his legacy.
Mumbai, India

Give SAT project to IBA

Every year standard achievement test (SAT) is conducted at grassroots level in all primary schools of Sindh to ensure the quality of education. The SAT exams used to be conducted by IBA Sukkur with impartiality, discipline and in a systematic way. The organized modus operandi was so impressive that it gave a great boost up to the crippling education system in public sector. The exam uplifted and hoisted the interest of students in studies – providing them the platform of healthy competition to prove their worth. Concurrently, the teachers started working diligently in industrious and sedulous way to earn the good grades, name and fame for their school.
Unfortunately, this year the exam was conducted by the department itself. Resultantly, the interest of students and teachers declined rapidly owing to multiple reasons including mismanagement. It is humble request to honourable Minister of Education Syed Sardar Shah and Secretary Education to get the SAT exam conducted by IBA Sukkur till the building up of a competitive team and the proper mechanism of same standard is set in public sector.

Child marriage

One factor contributing to child marriage is ‘morality.’ As soon as the girl’s parents realize that she has attained puberty and if their financial resources and/or enlightenment is limited, the unfortunate girl is deemed ready for marriage. Another factor is the misconception that girls may resort to independent behaviour which her family perceives would bring dishonour to her family and even cause bloodshed in extreme situations. In the 21st Century, Pakistanis need to modify their mindset.
They should realize that child marriages are a burden and a blot on Pakistani society. In fact there is substantive empirical evidence to suggest that early marriages result in a larger number of offspring. This retards our national fertility control aspirations. It is time the human rights ministry take a stern stand against child marriages and child brides. Our girls have to be extended the same opportunity for education and enlightenment as boys. Only then will Pakistan scale greater heights towards prosperity and progress.


I would like to draw attention towards the problem of pollution in our city which is affecting the environment drastically. As it is already known ours is an industrial city, the dying mills release at least 300 million litres of waste water into the rivers daily. This waste water contains harmful chemicals (like arsenic, cadmium, mercury and chrome) that have already killed the aquatic life.
Moreover the smoke arising from the factory chimneys has polluted the air badly. I want to draw the attention of the people as well as the concerned authorities to the seriousness of the problem. The mill and factory owners are violating the environmental laws by not treating the waste water and the smoke before releasing it into the environment. The corrupt environment officers are letting it happen just because of the hush-money they receive from the owners.
Through the medium of your esteemed daily, I appeal to the public to raise their voice against these unethical practices. I also appeal the Environment Ministry to look into the matter and take immediate action against the law breakers. I appeal to people to come forward to save our environment from the curse called pollution; these Ministers and Government officials will not do anything promptly. By the time they take action, the situation will go out of hands.