Visitors urged to follow traffic rules to avoid traffic congestion, road mishaps in Murree



Rawalpindi district administration has finalized all the arrangements to ensure security of the visitors and facilitate the tourists in Murree particularly during Eid ul Fitr holidays while the visitors have been urged to strictly follow traffic rules to avoid traffic congestion and road mishaps.

According to a district administration spokesman, the DC had urged the tourists to observe traffic rules on the roads of Murree to avoid traffic mess and any untoward incident during Eid-ul-Fitr holidays.

Special teams had been formed to facilitate the tourists and resolve their problems if any in Murree, the DC said adding, parking of the vehicles would not be allowed outside the parking areas.

There would be a complete ban on illegal parking on the roads in Murree particularly at exit and entry points besides restriction on cooking at the roadside.

The spokesman informed that single, double parking would not be allowed on roads except designated parking places. The motorcyclists without safety helmets would not be allowed to enter Murree, he added.

Several roads including Bank road, GPO Chowk to Kashmir Point, Hall road, Lalazar to Kashmir Point, View Fourth road, View Fourth road to GPO Chowk, Guldana road, GPO Chowk to Guldana Chowk, Dilkusha road, Imtiaz Shaheed road to Lari Adda via Dilkusha hotel, Cecil Road, Imtiaz Shaheed Road to Cart road via Cecil Apartments, and Pindi Point would be one-way roads.

He said main control room had been set up at Jinnah Hall in Unit office Murree, District Council, Municipal Committee Murree which could be contacted at 051-9269015-16-18 besides Highway control room 051-9269189 and Traffic Police control room 051-9269200.

He urged the tourists to cooperate with traffic police so that the traffic mess could be avoided. The motorists should avoid wrong parking on roads which would help ensure the smooth flow of traffic.

“The beautiful climate of Murree during summer attracts a large number of tourists so motorists face severe traffic congestion,” he said adding that traffic moves even slower due to heavy traffic load.

He said, the DC had advised the tourists to avoid wrong parking, double lines, speeding and taking selfies in the middle of the roads.

The spokesman informed that foolproof security would be provided to the tourists in Murree particularly during Eid ul Fitr holidays.

He said, all the security and traffic arrangements had been finalized to facilitate the tourists. The holidays of all the departments concerned including Murree administration had been canceled to make the arrangements foolproof.

Special plan had also been formulated for Murree under which 860 personnel including 500 cops and 360 CTP officials to perform their duties to facilitate the visitors.

Rawalpindi district police had launched Murree Tourism Police for the convenience and protection of the tourists. Patriata and Pahguari Police Stations had also been made functional for the safety and service of citizens and tourists.

A specially trained force had been deployed for Murree Tourism Police. Murree Tourism Police initially have 150 police officers and personnel, a special tourist van, 03 specially prepared vehicles, 25 motorcycles and horse riding squad.

Murree tourism police are working round the clock to facilitate the tourists, he said adding, the visitors in case of any emergency could contact Police Helpline 15 or Murree Tourism Police Helpline