Virtual governance system reviewed


A high-level departmental meeting was held under the chairmanship of Secretary Livestock Punjab Masood Anwar. According to the details, Secretary Livestock Masood Anwar called a high-level meeting after assuming office.

In this meeting, the officers of the department briefed Secretary Livestock about Annual Development Program and Virtual Governance System.

Speaking on this occasion, Secretary Livestock said that all measures should be taken to complete the ongoing departmental projects in a timely manner and for the completion of the projects, connections should be made with all relevant institutions including the Finance and C&W.

He said that consultation with all stakeholders should be ensured before formulating plans for the next year.

Secretary Livestock while reviewing the virtual governance system 9211 said that this system is state of the art system which can also be used for traceability and disease zoning.

He further stated that it is a unique system of its own.

Additional and Deputy Secretaries, Director Generals and other officers also participated in the meeting.