Video of young man shot dead in Panjshir sparks reactions


A video showing what appears to be Islamic Emirate force members shooting and killing a young man in Rukha district of Panjshir has sparked reactions among Afghans on social media.

The individual is named “Ahmad Bilal” and he is wearing a military uniform.

Bilal’s relatives told TOLOnews that the incident occurred six months ago. According to his relatives, Bilal had no military background.

The video was made six months ago but has recently sparked a widespread reaction by the people of Afghanistan on social media.

“He was working with me as a teacher in Hisarak secondary school. He left five children behind. He had no military background,” said Abdullah, a relative of Ahmad Bilal.

A legal analyst said the extrajudicial killings are against national laws.

“The opening of gunfire based on an (unofficial) court, is in fact a crime which has no justification in Sharia,’ said Ruhullah Sakhizada, a legal analyst.

“It seems like the forces of the Islamic Emirate are not obeying their leaders. If such incidents continue, it will cause distance between the government and people,” said Sadeq Shinwari, a military veteran.

The Islamic Emirate said that it remains committed to the general amnesty announced by their leader, Mawlawi Hebatullah Akhundzada.

“In general, we are preventing all of the movements which are in contrast with the law,” said Bilal Karimi, a spokesman for the Islamic Emirate, adding that an investigation will be launched into the case. —Tolonews

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