VIDEO: Leopard seen in Saidpur village; causes panic

Leopard Saidpur

Islamabad: In a rare appearance, four common Asian Leopards were seen on Thursday evening intruding on Saidpur village, located next to the protected area, and hunting a goat.

The Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) staff rushed to the spot to ensure the protection of the masses and the wild species of the endangered big cats after it received the information.

In a short video, locals could be seen throwing spotlights at the wildcat.

An IWMB official maintained that he was a local resident of Saidpur and had received the information from the IWMB official number.

However, he said the locals had gathered on the spot like “spectators of a fun fair”, which was risky as the wild animal, human shy in nature, could have been provoked and instigated by human sounds of hooting and rumpus and might have attacked them.

The leopards, however, left the spot after a while and no person was harmed, he said.

Leopard cats released in Margalla Hills

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