Victory or defeat? | By Asad Ali


Victory or defeat?

AS expected, Modi’s BJP has won (with reduced majority) states elections held in UP, Goa, Manipur and Uttarakhand last week.

Political pundits of India took the election results by surprise due to ongoing political and economic situation of the country under premier Modi, where he has almost failed to deliver.

However, nationalist political analysts are viewing these elections as great victory for BJP by giving political edge to premier Modi.

The sad part of these recent state elections was humiliating defeat of only liberal voices across India that is Indian National Congress led by Sonia and her son Rahul Gandhi.

Now, it is wiser to say that the liberal political parties in India are being vanished from the political spectrum of the country, which is under the severe threat of Hindutva ideology of RSS and other Hindu fanatics.

This victory has also given us a dangerous lesson that the politics of hate, lynching and sectarianism increase drastically in the country, while having increasing popularity.

The elections were being considered as test case for BJP and PM Modi keeping in view Lok Sabha elections in 2024.

Unfortunately, the nationalist Hindu voters proved that myth right by choosing Yogi Adityanath like Hindu monks.

These election results likely to have negative consequence for minorities living out there.Likewise, these results are have also cemented hatred sentiments of Hindu monks across the country.

Now, it is up to the senior BJP leadership how they deal with the situation, especially human rights of Muslims.

In the recently held state elections, while much of the attention has been on Modi’s saffron party’s remarkable victory in Yogi’s Uttar Pradesh, the real surprise was seen in Punjab.

The AAP’s landslide triumph in a strategically pivotal state with no reliable voting base and a weak and invisible party organization is a fairy tale story almost similar to what the newbie party achieved in Delhi elections in 2015 and 2020.

With slogans such as ‘education first’, Kejriwal-led Delhi government injected a fresh dose of energy into a moribund education system, especially the government-run schools in the capital.

This thing is commendable and hardliner Hindu voters must learn and follow this path to oust the BJP’s in Lok Sabha elections which are due to be held in 2024.

On the other hand, the mandate given to right-wing Hindus in four other states such as UP, Goa, Manipur and Uttarakhand, by Indian voters also reflects growing nationalism and Hindutva approach within Indian society which is not a good omen for democratic values at all.

Such kind of mandates gives an ample reason to masses to go ahead with their hatred policies and thoughts, which are not favourable for minorities.

With BJP’s sweep in four out of five states, time will decide the future aspects of the Indian democratic values.

However, one thing is sure here that BJP and its Hindu zealots are likely to make the life of minorities miserable.

The people of Indian Punjab showed some resilience and voted for change by giving landslide mandate to Aam Admi Party (AAP).

The AAP is currently ruling in the Indian capital with 2/3 majority.In previous elections in New Delhi, AAP completely outclassed ruling BJP with heavy mandate.

The party is led by Arvind Kajrewal, who kept some liberal thoughts.His party AAP is also being seen as alternative of Indian National Congress.

But, ruling Punjab is not an easy task.This state is strategically very important as it has long border with Pakistan.So, AAP has to pass this litmus test by delivering in this important state.

The recent year-long farmers’ protest is testimony to the crisis that is affecting most of the small and marginal farmers in this key state.

It has to be seen how AAP can address some of these structural crises and how it can transform education, health and other public services with a depleted coffer.

The results are being considered as semi-final for parliamentary elections in 2024, but we have to see how situation unfolds across India in the next two years.

The elections are also a wake up call for Congress, which is fighting for liberal values across India.

It has to decide about the presidency issue and must look for a non-Ghandi as President or any other senior position.

Meanwhile, Indian voters still have time to punish Modi for its only Hindu-centric policies, which are damaging secular values of India.

They are the only hope to stop Modi brigade, who is sole responsible for all odds in India.Only people can bring back Nuhruvian concept of secular India.

The Hindu monks like Modi, Yogi, Amit Shah and Ajit Noval are existential threat to regional peace and may initiate bigger conflict with Pakistan or China to put regional peace in jeopardy and for the accomplishment of so-called dream of Greater India (Akhand Bharat).

Under their leadership, India is insecure and losing its international strength. They must be stopped.—The writer is Islamabad based expert of Indian political affairs.


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