Victory of PPP candidate manipulated, role of ECP questionable, says Haleem Sheikh


Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf PTI Vice President and the leader of opposition in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh has said that previous day they saw an election in Karachi which was strange in nature that a party which had no voters and supporters finally emerged victorious.

He said the government of Sindh has carried out no development in this constituency. He said Bilawal Zardari in his message has said Thank you Karachi, while in fact he should have said Thank you Election Commission.

He said we saw that whole leadership of PPP including their MNAs, MPAs and ministers were freely roaming in this constituency and no notice was sent to them.

He said while he (Haleem Adil) went to Malir to cast his vote and a case under anti-terrorism law was lodged against him.

He said previous day we saw that the MNA and MPAs of the PPP were present there with private armed people and no case of terrorism was lodged against them.

He said it was nexus of PPP, the election commission and police that resulted in a fake win of PPP candidate.

He said a presiding officer had got signatures of related people on blank paper.He said election commission has become controversial.

He said it is possible that we may have failed to deliver, but what the PPP had done that it deserves victory.

He said in next election electronic voting machines would be used. He said teams of our lawyers and experts are working on this case.

He said the people of Malir have always supported the PPP, but today when villages of local people are being forcefully vacated the leaders of PPP are seen nowhere.

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