‘Very good decision’: Hamza, Elahi accept SC ruling


Imran accepts Hamza as Punjab CM until re-election

Following the decision of the Supreme Court regarding the re-election of Punjab chief minister, provincial assembly Speaker Pervez Elahi said that the session of will be held as per rules without political interference and police intervention.

The Supreme Court on Friday announced that the re-election for the Punjab chief minister’s slot would be held on July 22 after the provincial government, PTI, and PML-Q reached a consensus on the matter. Terming the verdict a “very good decision”, Elahi said that the apex court accepted all the demands put forward by them. “The number of members of the House will be completed by July 22 and then re-election will be held,” he said, adding that he hoped that the mutual consensus shown in court would be visible in the assembly on July 22.

Meanwhile, Punjab CM Hamza Shahbaz, told the media that on July 17 the people will cast vote in the by-polls in favour of whoever they want in government. Commenting on the developments in Punjab, the CM said in the last three months several constitutional crises were witnessed which can place the province at number one in the Guinness Book of World Records. Hamza, while commenting on SC’s verdict, said that he informed the apex court that if he did not have numbers he wouldn’t be standing in the court.

“PTI candidates were standing by my side, therefore I told the court that re-elections can be held today,”


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