Vendors selling unhealthy snacks outside schools may lead to Covid-19 surge : Experts


Medical experts on Tuesday asked the school authorities to promote consumption of a safe diet for students as many of the unhealthy, unbranded food snacks sold in school cafeterias and outside vending carts during school hours may lead to spike in Covid-19 and other related health issues in winter.
Talking to a private news channel, a child specialist stressed that maintaining a correct nutrition status is crucial, especially in a period when the immune system might need to fight back, adding, poor diets with high in fat, sugar and processed foods are lowering children’ s IQ level so eating healthy habits among kids can shapes brain performance as they get older.
He regretted that despite Covid-19 and continues warnings of health experts, kids and adolescents are eating even more fast food after reopening of schools where street vendors were openly selling non branding unhealthy food which can lead to many heart and stomach related problems.
He stressed that it is need of the time to pay special attention to all of the factors facing students not just unhealthy sale of meals in schools but to make it easy and desirable for kids to make healthy choices.
He demanded the authority concerned to ban on fatty sugary and non branding colored food items as healthy students are better learners, adding, a healthy home-made food items can also protect your child from Covid-19 second wave in winter season.School canteens and its surroundings should steer clear of unhealthy food and promote fruit, vegetables, calcium-rich foods and small portions of protein, he added.
Another specialist said education about healthy eating should start at an early age as with eating unhealthy food habits which can lead to many other problems such as cardiovascular, stomach problems and even cancer in citizens specially school going kids. He said mothers must plan the meals well to make sure her child gets the optimum nutrition now that schools have reopened.
Educating children and school administrations to make wise food choices is a skill which will translate to a healthier lifestyle that will serve them all their lives, he added.
He advised that breakfast should be served at home, before students come to school, adding, early meal helps students focus and retain more information throughout the day. It also helps prevent Type-2 diabetes and helps in maintaining a healthy digestion.
He also urged the school administrators to inform parents of new food restrictions.