VCs urge reforms in academic governance of universities


The University of Home Economics Lahore (UHE) Lahore in collaboration with BARGAD organization for youth development, held the 2 nd Vice-Chancellors conference on ‘The Challenges of Academic Governance, Achieving Excellence and Equity in Higher Education’ here on Thursday at Faletti’s Hotel. This conference was attended by former Minister for Higher Education Punjab, Mr. Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan, Chairperson of Punjab Higher Education Commission, Vice-Chancellors, and representatives of seventeen public sector universities along with experts and representatives from marginalized communities including minorities.

While speaking during his opening remarks Mr. Rana Mashhood said that the government’s special quotas have resulted in the inclusion of minority youth in the mainstream of higher education. He urged that we also need ethical strength to support our marginalized groups and the PEEF scholarships program was initiated to help marginalized communities. He announced the government’s plan to hold an international education conference, international sports gala, national hunt program, regular briefings with vice-chancellors, and promotion of technical education. He also urged the vice-chancellors to ensure the implementation of the HEC Harassment Policy.

Prof. Dr. Shahid Munir, Chairperson of PHEC said that statutory bodies of the universities must be functional in order to improve academic governance. He announced the PHEC Expo, to showcase the research & development- based products of the universities. He announced that the commission will hold monthly roundtable conferences with the VCs to solve issues of governance and academic excellence. PHEC would ensure quota compliance and inclusion of marginalized communities, he added. While addressing the conference Prof. Dr. Kanwal Ameen Vice-Chancellor, University of Home Economics, Lahore emphasized the social and cultural acceptance of equality of students from marginalized communities on campuses.

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