VC urges students to go for research studies


Vice Chancellor Gomal University Prof. Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed has said that the administration is fully supporting the students going for research studies and urged upon all M.Phil. and Ph.D. students to come with their respective supervisor and defend their synapses.

He expressed these views while chairing a high level meeting of the 174th Advanced Study and Research Board.

Members of the Advanced Study and Research Board, including Deans of all departments, attended the meeting.

Director Graduate Studies and Research Prof. Dr. Muhammad Niamatullah Khan Babar presented the agenda item.

Addressing the meeting, Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed said that the most important part of M.Phil. and Ph.Ds. degree is synapses and after its approval, the research could be started.

Therefore, all M.Phil and Ph.D students along with their supervisors defend their synapses in Advanced Studies so that there is no shortcoming in their research.—APP