VC inaugurates Gosha-e-Islami Council


Vice Chancellor Gomal University Prof. Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad (T.I.) inaugurating the “Gosha-e-Islami Nazriyati Council” in Gomal University said that the credit for this goes to the special interest and sincere efforts of Ex-Member of Council of Islamic Ideology Dr. Abdul Hakeem Akbari. Prof. Dr. Iftikhar said that I am very thankful to the Council of Islamic Ideology, Government of Pakistan as it will be helpful for the future reasarcher and Law Students at Gomal university to understand the Islamic Law, Current Affairs.

Dr. Hakeem Akbari while speaking on the Inagurating ceremony said that it is the Proof of Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed’s love for books and his book friendly attitude.


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