Vandalism of Sikh leader’s poster, Hindu temple triggers tension in Canada


The situation in Canada’s multicultural district of Brompton turned tense after the police arrested an Indo-Canadian man for vandalizing Sikh leader ShaheedJarnail Singh Bhindranwale banner in Caledon city, days ahead of Khalistan Referendum voting scheduled on September 18.

Ontario Provincial Police confirmed that it has charged an Indo-Canadian man with criminal mischief for vandalizing Sikh leader banner in Caledon which led to community tensions as Caledon was home to thousands of Sikhs who have protested the attack on their revered figure, according to media reports.

Thirty-eight years after he was killed in ‘Operation Blue Star’ in Amritsar, Punjab, nationalist Sikh leader Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale is regarded as a martyr, saint and icon of Khalistan movement by tens of millions of Sikhs.

Two videos have gone viral on social media showing ShaheedBhindranwale’s billboard in a main roundabout being vandalized. Another video shows a man tearing down ShaheedBhindranwale pictures from the billboards, advertising Khalistan Referendum.

The vandalization of Khalistan Referendum banners is being considered as an attempt to anger pro-Khalistan Sikhs who had taken out large scale rallies in support of 18 September voting.

A video of “KhalistanZindabad” and “Hindustan Murdabad” graffiti outside famous BAPS Mandir in Toronto went viral on social media with both Hindu and Sikh netizens blaming each other for the vandalism.

However, no one has been arrested in connection to the attack on the Mandir. Netizen have shared a video showing the “KhalistanZindabad” slogan written at the entrance of the local Hindu temple.—PR


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