Vaccine during pregnancy doesn’t affect baby: experts


Accurate information of the death rate of pregnant women infected with Covid is not yet available, but according to a limited scale study, the death rate among pregnant women due to Covid complications is 8 per cent, so instead of falling prey to any rumors, the coronavirus vaccine should be given to women on a priority basis as it will not have any adverse effect on the unborn child while the antibodies will be transmitted through milk in the body of the children of breastfeeding mothers.

This was stated by health experts while addressing an awareness program titled “Covid Vaccination during pregnancy – Should it be done?” organized by Dow University of Health Sciences at Arag Auditorium.

The experts included Prof. AsmaNaseem of Infectious Diseases of Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation, Prof. Dr. Nazli Hussain of Civil Hospital Karachi Gynecology Ward and Prof. Sara Qazi, Director of Professional Development Center.

Addressing the programme, the experts said that women’s immunity is weakened during pregnancy, which can lead to various diseases, including pneumonia and influenza. Before pandemic, pregnant women were being given influenza and other vaccines.

Addressing the awareness programme, Prof. AsmaNaseem said that Corona is causing many problems in pregnant women of Pakistan.

Women are exposed to various dangers during pregnancy so it is imperative that they should be vaccinated. All vaccines available in Pakistan are approved by the World Health Organization.

On this occasion, she also highlighted the positive effects and effectiveness of the method of making all the vaccines, available in Pakistan and said that RNA vaccine was not made in the world before Covid.  RNA vaccine has been developed for the first time. Researchers at the time of Ebola concluded that an RNA vaccine could be developed.


You have to go through long experiments to make vaccine from inactivated virus. She said that Covid vaccines should be given without giving attention to any rumors. The World Health Organization has also stated the rate of effectiveness of all vaccines.

Most vaccines are more than 50 per cent effective. And if a vaccine is 50 per cent effectiveat least 50 per cent protection will be provided from Covid.

In such a case, when pregnant women are already at risk, no more risk should be taken.

No accurate statistics are available in Pakistan but in Iran research on this topic has shown that women with Covid have increased rates of premature births, stillbirth, and caesarean section.

According to the data collected on a limited scale in Pakistan, the death rate due to Covid complications in women affected during childbirth is 8%. Vaccination is needed on a priority basis to prevent it.

She said that doctors are also at the highest risk with the patient in the gynecological wards as they have very little time and cannot wait for the PCR report.

Doctors have to perform their duties immediately.  Caution is needed despite being vaccinated, protective clothing and precautions are essential.


Professor Sarah Qazi said that the purpose of the awareness program by Dow University is to create awareness about the safety of people’s lives.


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