Vaccination underway in full swing at authorized centres



The COVID-19 vaccination has been underway at over 50 vaccination centres in the city, sources have said.

The first and second dose of Sinovac being administered to the citizens at the largest vaccination center at Karachi Expo Center, Sindh health department officials said.The citizens also being inoculated with second dose of China’s Sinopharm due to limited stock of the vaccine.

“Presently, Chinese single dose vaccine CanSino, has been out of the stock and its doses expected to be available within next two days,” health officials said.

AstraZeneca vaccine dose also being administered to citizens, the administration of the vaccination centre said.

Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine only being administered to the people with weak immunity or suffering from terminal diseases, vaccination officials said.

People in large number arriving at the Expo Center for vaccination.

The vaccination centres in Punjab and Karachi had witnessed scarcity of COVID-19 vaccine shots.

The vaccination centre at Karachi Expo Center also Tuesday reported it facing a shortage of Chinese vaccines.

The authorities at Karachi’s Expo Center said that the stock of China’s Sinopharm, Sinovac and CanSino vaccine has been finished while only AstraZeneca is being administered to the people above the age of 40.


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