Uzbek Foriegn Minister calls for intl Efforts to prevent Afghan isolation



Norov said that in the meeting they discussed important issues about regional and international agendas that included peace and development in Afghanistan.

“We also exchanged views on the topical issues on the regional and international agenda including sustainable peace and development in neighboring Afghanistan,” said Vladimir Norov, the foreign minister of Uzbekistan.

Uzbek media, quoting the Foreign Minister of Uzbekistan, wrote that modern Afghanistan is not only a source of challenges and threats, but also new opportunities.

Meanwhile, the representative of the EU expressed concern about the situation of women and girls and called on the government to fulfill its international obligations.

“The Taliban takeover in Afghanistan and their refusal to fulfill their pledge to pursue an inclusive political process – ensuring the most basic rights for women, girls and minorities – is casting a long shadow on the region,” said Josep Borrell, representative of the EU.

`The Islamic Emirate has not commented on this issue.

Meanwhile, several political analysts said that the isolation of Afghanistan has had a negative impact on the region.

“The countries of the region and neighboring countries of Afghanistan understand that if Afghanistan goes into economic and political isolation, the biggest countries that will fail in this field are the neighboring countries of Afghanistan. Afghanistan has always been a bridge between Central Asia and Europe,” said Mohammad Rahimi, political analyst.

“Uzbekistan emphasized that the world should not isolate the Afghan government but should pay attention to Afghanistan,” said Janat Fahim Chakari, political analyst. —Tolonews

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