USST holds meeting on medical device innovation, application alliance


The Second Meeting of the First Council Board of “Belt and Road” Medical Device Innovation and Application Alliance was convened in USST

The Second meeting of the first council board of “Belt and Road” Medical Device Innovation and Application Alliance (BRMDIA) was convened on 17th November in the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST) by the joint efforts of 109 institutions from 20 countries (regions) through online and on-venue modes.

The council meeting wan held for the purpose to make a summary of the one-year work and have an outlook for the plan of 2022.

The secretary general, Prof. Cheng Yunzhang summarized the work, listing the marvellous work conducted by the member institutions in the past year. He also had a vision for the work of the Alliance in 2021.

The BRMDIA will make further efforts to manage the Alliance in a good way, formulating a top advisory committee and professional sub committees.

The Alliance will carry out diversified activities under the framework of Belt and Road, give full play to the Innovation Display Center under construction and focus on cultivation of professionals of medical equipment.

The Alliance member institutions are full of confidence to work together to build the annual forum into an international brand for innovation and application of medical devices and turn the Alliance into a global community for the medical device professionals and enterprises.

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