USC provides extensive relief to families through substantial subsidy


Utility Stores Corporation of Pakistan (USC) to provide 19 staple food items at prices lower than open market under its flagship Ramzan Relief Package through its widely spread network of around 4000 retail outlets all over Pakistan.

In line with the Prime Minister of Pakistan’s vision of Digital Pakistan, USC has also successfully transformed itself by implementing ERP system in a short span of time which would be live from March 31, 2022. Through one of the largest public sector digital transformation, USC during the month of Ramzan would be able to provide exhaustive services to its customers by acquiring self-accountability, transparency and efficiency in its operations.

Under the package, 20-kilogram wheat flour bag would be provided to customers at Rs. 950 whereas in the open market the price of 20-kilogram wheat flour bag would be around Rs. 1100-1350. Likewise, one-kilogram sugar would be offered at Rs. 85 while in open market sugar is available at Rs. 86-93.

The rate of one-kilogram subsidized Ghee at USC is Rs. 260 while in open market the edible ghee can be purchased at Rs. 470 whereas the price of one-liter oil at USC during the month of Ramzan would be Rs. 407 instead of Rs. 494.

Pulses are an important food ingredient and plays pivotal role in assuring food security in our country. That is why, in USC, after due diligence and several quality checks procurement of pulses undertakes. This year, under the Ramzan Relief Package, USC is offering white gram at Rs. 213 while in the open market the white gram is available at Rs. 250-260. Likewise, Besan (Chakki) is provided during the month of Ramzan at USC’s country-wide retail network at price Rs. 170 instead of Rs. 190-220.

Similarly, one-kilogram Dal Channa is for Rs. 162 at USC and in the open market the price is Rs. 180-190 per kilogram. Similarly, one-kilogram Dal Moong Washed is available at Rs. 170 and in the open market the price is Rs. 180-200 per kilogram. The price of Dal Mash Washed at USC is Rs. 268 and in open market, the price of one kilogram of Dal Mash Washed is Rs. 280-320. Moreover, one-kilogram Dal Masoor at USC is Rs. 215 and in the open market, the price of one-kilogram Dal Masoor is Rs. 250-280. Rice Sella Rs. 165/Kg, Rice basmati Rs. 155/Kg, Tota Rice Rs.85/Kg

Every year in Ramzan, USC procures high quality dates to facilitate people of Pakistan. This year, the dates would be available in ample quantity in all stores at Rs. 140 per kilogram while the open market is offering dates from Rs. 200-240. In the month of Ramzan, consumption of tea, milk (UHT), squashes and syrups enhance manifolds. On seeing the high demand of these products, USC is offering tea (950 gm) at Rs. 1042 while black tea (950 gm) in the open market of same brand is available at Rs. 1250. Milk (UHT) is available in USC at Rs. 142 while in open market it is available for Rs. 165. Squashes and Syrups (800 ml) at USC are available at Rs. 250 instead of Rs. 290 and Squashes & Syrups (1500 ml) are provided at Rs. 437 while the open market is offering Squashes & Syrups (1500 ml) at Rs. 495.

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