USC consistent in providing subsidized items under PM relief package


Apart from the subsidy, special discounts are also being given on hundreds of other branded items available at the utility stores.

The Federal government has announced a subsidy of billions of rupees under the Prime Minister’s Relief Package through utility stores, keeping in mind the difficulties of the people, which is undoubtedly a welfare and public initiative of the government.

This will not only reduce the hardships of the people but will also help in controlling the general market prices. The procedure of providing subsidy has been changed on all utility stores across the country. Now, the poor and the middle class people will get maximum share in this subsidy and it will provide relief to the deserving people/persons of poor, remote and backward areas.

The Federal government, under the Prime Minister’s Relief Package, has extended a historic subsidy through utility stores to customers registered with the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) whose poverty index score is PMT-32 or whose monthly income is RS.29,000 or less.

According to which all such consumers who are registered under the Benazir Income Support Program will be given Atta (flour) for Rs 400 per 10 kg, ghee for Rs 300 per kg and sugar for Rs 70 per kg. While 15 to 20 rupees per kg subsidy will be given on pulses and rice, which will be given under a comprehensive initiative and organized system.

Apart from this, Atta will be available at Rs 400 per 10 kg bag at the Atta sales points and mobile utility stores established for the poor people of remote and backward areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on the special orders of the Prime Minister.

Thus, Utility Stores Corporation is also providing subsidy to common consumers under Prime Minister’s Relief Package. In which Atta (flour) is available at Rs 648 per 10 kg, which is for Rs 980 to Rs 1200 per 10 kg in the open market, ghee is available at Rs 375 per kg which is available at Rs 410 to Rs 440 per kg in the open market, thus sugar is being supplied at Rs 89 per kg whereas, in the open market sugar is available at Rs 95 to 105 per kg.