US sponsored Innovation Expo concludes


Two-day US-Pakistan “Innovation Expo” to showcase the success stories of US government-sponsored Pakistani startups and to encourage further investment concluded here on Monday.

The Expo provided a platform for established startups to showcase their business ideas and prototypes, and network with potential U.S. and Pakistani venture capitalists and investors, said a news release.

In his opening remarks at the event, US. Ambassador in Pakistan Donald Blome said, “One of the top priorities of the US government is promoting inclusive economic growth and increasing trade and investment between the United States and Pakistan.”

The envoy said, “the United States is already Pakistan’s largest export market and every year we are seeing more and more US investment come to Pakistan – but there is still room to grow and entrepreneurs like you are central to that effort. Pakistan is a country with immense potential, but it needs innovation and technology to take it to the next level.”
Sharing the details, he said, since 2012 the US Embassy has funded over 181 entrepreneurship-related projects valued at $14.7 million dollars.

Chief Executive Officer at Ignite National Technology Fund, Asim Shahryar, acknowledged the efforts of the US government in supporting entrepreneurial activities in Pakistan.