US opposes Pakistan govt’s crackdown on Afghan refugees


The United States has opposed efforts by the government in Pakistan to return Afghan refugees to their country, saying Islamabad should honour its obligations regarding refugees. Addressing a news briefing in Washington on Thursday, State Department spokesman Ned Price disclosed that Washington was in discussion with the authorities in Pakistan on the issue of crackdown on Afghan refugees which fled their country after Taliban came into power.

Ned Price said “We’re discussing this matter with our Pakistani counterparts. We’re in regular discussion with our Pakistani counterparts about this. We encourage all states to uphold their respective obligations with regard to Afghan refugees or asylum seekers, and to refrain from returning them to anywhere where they could face persecution or torture.”

The State Department spokesman declined to comment when asked for his reaction on the arrest warrants issued by a court against former Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan, saying these questions are for the Pakistani people and not for the United States.—INP

Responding to rising political unrest and chaos in Pakistan, Ned Prcie said: “We support the peaceful upholding of democratic, constitutional, and legal principles around the world, including in Pakistan.”

To a query about internet shutdowns in India, particularly in the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK), Ned Price said the US talks about freedom of expression, freedom of people around the world to access information, and continues to highlight the importance of freedom of expression, including via access to the internet as a human right that contributes to strengthening democracies and to strengthening countries around the world.

Following are the excerpts of Ned Price’s news briefing regarding Pakistan:—INP