US hit globally by criticism on abortion


The US Supreme Court’s historic end to nationwide abortion rights on Friday drew unusual criticism from some of America’s closest allies and bucks a global trend toward more liberal reproductive rights. The decision came one day after the Supreme Court also struck down some of the modest restric-tions on guns — an issue that, along with the US embrace of the death penalty, has long shocked other Western nations. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson — a Con-servative who worked closely with former President Donald Trump, whose judicial nominations paved the way for Friday’s decision — said the Supreme Court decision will have “massive impacts” worldwide.

“I think it’s a big step backward. I’ve always be-lieved in a woman’s right to choose and I stick to that view, and that’s why the UK has the laws that it does,” Johnson said on a visit to Rwanda.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau de-nounced the decision across the border as “horrific.” “No government, politician, or man should tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body,” Trudeau wrote on Twitter.—AFP


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