US dollar depreciates from 130afs to 105afs



Sara-i-Shahzada Money Changers’ Union in capital Kabul says the value of one US dollar has depreciated from 130 afghanis to 102 af-ghanis following a joint meet-ing with officials of the Da Af-ghanistan Bank (DAB).

Until Monday evening, one US dollar was exchanged for 130 afghanis at Sara-i-Shahzada Money Exchange Market in Kabul, prompting citizens to complain.

However,the following day, the central bank officials held meetings with the Sara-i-Shahzada Money Changers’ Union to re-stabilize the af-ghani, and the value of one US dollar was set 112 af-ghanis as of Tuesday evening following some decisions from DAB. Haji DadgolHazratzai, deputy head of Sara-i-Shahzada Money Changers’ Union, told media that they had a meeting with DAB officials on Tuesday evening.

“At the meeting, we presented some proposals to the central bank and the bank promised to act on the regard,” he added, without providing fur-ther details.

He said the main reason for the rise in the value of US dol-lar in recent days was due to shortage of the greenback and its high demand in the market.

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