US aircraft carrier transferred from Japan to support Afghanistan withdrawal


The US aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan has been relocated from Japan to the Arabian Sea to support the ongoing withdrawal of the military from Afghanistan, the US Naval Institute (USNI), an independent military news forum, reported on Friday.

The USS Ronald Reagan had only finished its drills with the Indian Navy and will be taking place of the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower strike group that has been operating in the region since April, USNI reported.

The last time a US aircraft carrier was moved from Japan to the middle East was during the invasion of Iraq in 2003 when the now-decommissioned USS Kitty Hawk carrier was routed to the region.

The decision to relocate a US Navy carrier to the Middle East comes amid the reports of increasing Taliban attacks against Afghan government forces as the US is in the midst of its military being withdrawn from Afghanistan, which is expected to be completed before September 11.—AP

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