UNSC approves exempting humanitarian aid from all UN sanctions



The UN Security Council passed a resolution that exempts humanitarian assistance from all current and future UN sanctions regimes.

The resolution was hailed worldwide by the humanitarian organization by the US, Norwegian Refugee Council and International Committee of the Red Cross.

“Momentous news: UNSC adopts a resolution exempting all our humanitarian work across all its sanctions regimes,” said Jan Egeland, the Norwegian Refugee Council whose Secretary General. “This will help us to save lives and reach people more effectively in some of the worst conflict areas.”

Speaking to the reporters after the vote, the US ambassador to the UN, Thomas-Greenfield, said all humanitarian situations in which the UN is engaged will benefit from the resolution’s adoption.

“All of the humanitarian situations that were engaged, in Afghanistan, looking at the situation in Syria, looking at the situation in Burma, every single place where we’re working and providing support to– humanitarian workers will benefit,” she said.

This comes as the Ministry of Economy (MoE) said that if the aid is provided in agriculture growth and small business, it will benefit the people in a better way.

“Considering the economic situation in the country, if these (humanitarian) activities are implemented in coordination with the ministries and relevant departments based on the economic priorities, particularly in agriculture, livestock and small business, that can also improve livelihoods and create jobs and reduce poverty, it will be effective,” said Abdul Rahman Habib, a spokesman for the MoE.

“Da Afghanistan as an observer of the financial and banking system welcomes the international community’s aid and calls on the donor countries to provide their aid through the banking sector,” said Haseebullah Noori, a spokesman for the Central Bank.

The economists said that the poverty would not be alleviated until the aid is provided in infrastructure areas in Afghanistan.