Unlawful, immoral actions against Azam Sawati highly condemnable: Masarat



Spokesperson to CM and Punjab government Masa-rat Jamsheed Cheema in a statement against the arrest of PTI Senator Azam Sawati stated that unlawful and immoral actions against the honourable Senator are highly condemnable.

She vehemently stated that PTI will valiantly face cheap ploys of the imported government adding that the gang of crime minister is using government institutions for the fulfilment of their vested interests. If such practices persist then it will further escalate public anger and outburst.

She emphatically remarked that the Pakistani people want immediate ouster of the fake government under any circumstances which they fully displayed by vigorously participating in the Rawalpindi march under the leadership of Imran Khan.

One of the yardsticks of leadership is that the one claiming to lead in difficulties either faces them bravely or flees away.

There is a marked difference between those doing politics by sitting abroad and the others remaining among the masses even after sustaining bullet injuries.It is a food for thought for the PDM leaders as how come the masses do not give PDM parties due respect and acknowledge them even after governing the country for a long period of time.

The real power is to reign over the hearts of the masses which Imran Khan is doing since long. In her rebuttal regarding the statements of PML-N leaders about Rawalpindi March she stated that Imran Khan does not need ‘’face facing’’ but Maryam Nawaz is in dire need of it.

The focus of PML-N is only directed towards doing away with their cases and minting corruption money. The four years of Imran Khan are being spent on the construction and progress of Pakistan battered by their corruption and of their forefathers.

Imran Khan is striving for the rule of law and we take oath of allegiance to the constitution in the PTI rallies. We pledge to resolve that we would continue every possible struggle for attaining real independence. We cannot achieve real independence without rule of law and supremacy of constitution in the country. concluded Spokesperson Musarat Jamsheed.