Universal acknowledgement


PAKISTAN improved its score by seven points and is the most improved country with weapons-usable nuclear material. Its Security and Control Measures score increased by 25 points due to actions to strengthen its regulations. The NTI (the Nuclear Threat Initiative) Nuclear Security Index 2020 says that Pakistan has also increased its score in Global Norms by one point because it subscribed to a nuclear security INFCIRC (International Atomic Energy Agency Information Circular).
This is, indeed, a universal acknowledgement of the safety and security measures adopted by Pakistan to protect and secure its nuclear sites and materials. It is a moment of satisfaction and pride for the entire nation that the hard work and dedication of our concerned agencies and institutions has started paying dividends as this acknowledgement rebuts propaganda campaign of some vested interests and powers in relations to safety and security of our nuclear assets. In fact, Pakistan’s command and control system as well as multi-layered security system is so robust that there is no question of nuclear material and assets falling into the hands of so-called rogue elements but propaganda continues with the clear intention of maligning the country. This is despite the fact that the international nuclear watch-dog – IAEA – has all along been appreciative of the security and safety measures adopted by Pakistan. The country fully implements IAEA standards for its civilian facilities, which are under the IAEA safeguards and same is true of military aspect despite the fact that these are outside the ambit of the IAEA. This is reflective of Pakistan’s total commitment to the cause of nuclear security. Over the years, Pakistan has established a comprehensive and effective national nuclear security regime which covers nuclear material and other radioactive material, and associated facilities and activities throughout their lifecycle. To build capacity and human resources for nuclear security, the country has also established the Pakistan Centre of Excellence for Nuclear Security, National Institute of Safety and Security and the Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences. It is because of this that today the country is many steps ahead of India in this regard and its command and control and security regime are as strong and effective as that of any other member of the nuclear club. It is hoped that with the passage of time and the kind of continued commitment being displayed by the country, propaganda against Pakistan’s nuclear programme would come to an end and members of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) would be forthcoming to enter into civilian nuclear cooperation with the country.

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