Uncertainty deepens


DISJOINTED efforts to bridge differences between the ruling coalition government and the opposition continue but the overall picture does not convey any semblance of rationality and the country is set for deepened uncertainty and turmoil.

Stakes are high as former Prime Minister and Chairman PTI Imran Khan has said he would announce a date for dissolution of the Punjab and KP Assemblies on Saturday, with the government side challenging him to dissolve the two assemblies instead of giving dates.

Political analysts believe things might not move as visualized by the PTI or the coalition Government as dissolution of two assemblies is a tricky path given the complex nature of the existing order in the country.

Apart from the political parties and politicians, who are the real stakeholders in the parliamentary system of governance, there are other important players as well whose views and postures might change the course of the events.

PTI believes it would be difficult for the federal government to avoid general election when 60 or 70% of the country would be in an election mode in the event of dissolution of the two provincial assemblies.

However, there is no constitutional provision to support this logic and no one can force the federal or Sindh/Balochistan governments to dissolve assemblies as they too have equal stakes in the system and their views also matter.

There are many ifs and buts and that is why Chief Minister Punjab Ch Pervez Elahi wants to pend the dissolution move for some months, which will give necessary time to the government to take some of its initiatives to fruition.

However, Imran Khan says the final decision on the issue rests with him and Pervez Elahi has committed to abiding by his decision.

PTI is conveying an impression that it was damn serious on the issue of dissolution but the two Ministers, who met with President Arif Alvi on Wednesday, asked him to convey to Imran Khan to act sensibly and Law Minister Azam Nazir Tararr later said the government was ready to contest elections in the two provinces if the assemblies are dissolved.

Similarly, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah has also, once again, told Imran Khan to go for dissolution without loss of further time.

As victory or defeat in the elections of the two provincial assemblies would have a decisive impact on the next general election, it would be a ‘do or die’ battle between the political opponents that might add to the prevailing tension.